I’ve been on a huge jewelry kick lately, which is weird for me because I normally stick with the same pieces (more on that later). It all started with Kendra Scott, then progressed after my visit to the ATL mart over the weekend. I used to work it every year, so it was nice to not use “bathroom breaks” to shop. Below are some new pieces I’ve picked up recently, as well as the collection I brought to Atlanta with me for the summer. Hope you enjoy. 

 The beautiful mess from not having my regular jewelry organization back in my room in Savannah..

 This beaut arrived in the mail yesterday, just in time to include it in this post. It’s an outfit maker, and I can’t wait to style it! 

 Little layers: The top arrow and bottom cross are new editions from the ATL mart, however you can find similar options here,  here, or here.  I received the bow necklace from my Dad while we were vacationing in Cabo. It is definitely one of my most worn necklaces, I go days without taking it off. You can purchase it here

As you can tell by the picture, this leather bracelet has gotten some serious use. The rose gold bracelet is one of my all time favorites (link to the same version in silver); however, I’ve avoided wearing it lately due to the number of times I periodically lost it from it falling off my wrist (flash back to the time in the bar where a random guy and I tracked it down on the lovely bar floor). It is definitely by far one of the prettiest pieces I’ve owned, and I’ll continue to deal with the occasional panic attacks from it falling off. 

Here’s a look at my most worn rings: The two bow rings in the back are from Kate Spade, with the rose gold found here, and the larger gold ring was from the outlets in Dawsonville a few years back. The red stone is my birthstone, given to me from my parents this past year for my 25th birthday. The rope ring is from an old set from Jewelmint (anyone remember that rage?). The Chevron ring is a midi ring, found in the BP section of Nordstrom (currently not online but similar here). The heart ring was given to me from my mother for my 21st birthday, and can still be purchased here. Lastly, the gold diamond ring was also a gift from my 21st birthday, passed down of my MawMaw- it was given to her from my PawPaw for their 40th wedding anniversary :)

 This tray features my favorite types of pieces, chunky bracelets to intermix for that perfect arm candy. My absolute most worn piece is the Stella and Dot Renegade bracelet (spiky bracelet in the lower left corner), which sadly could use a replacement- it’s beginning to turn due to all the wear it’s gotten in the past year. I’m ordering the silver version as I type.. I know, I’m a great multitasker. 
UPDATE: baking soda + water worked wonders on my renegade bracelet, as well as my silver tiffany jewelry… I should have cleaned them up before the post.. oh well they’re clean(er) now!

The two turquoise colored bracelets were also Mart purchases, with the ball one being from a few years ago when I worked there. The silver one is definitely becoming a new favorite. I love how it fits next to my Kate Spade watch, adding a small pop of color but subtle enough to match anything (although what doesn’t match with turquoise, especially in the summer??). You can see it live in action.. here. The chunky J. Crew bracelet definitely had it’s moment in my collection, however I haven’t been reaching for it lately because it feels heavy. 

 These teal Kendra Scott earrings (found here) broke my {at least} 3-year long stud streak. For the past few years I’ve developed a fear of ripping out my ear holes, so I’ve safety stuck with stud earrings (favorites up next). I’m surprised how comfortable there are to wear, especially for someone not used to wearing pieces like this.

 My favorite earrings: The silver knot earrings were a gift for my college graduation (link). The Tory Burch studs were purchased with a birthday gift card courtesy of Tory herself (ok maybe not, but the company has sent me a gift card for the past two years, so same thing..?). The gold (rose gold looking in the picture) drop earrings are from Swarovski. They are my go to when I’m dressing up. 

 Another recent purchase from Kendra Scott, the coveted Rayne Necklace. If you’re interested in this color, I highly recommending picking it out in person if you can. I looked at probably 10 different necklaces before picking the one on display in the window. Every stone is different, as shown above with the front and back views. I wasn’t a fan of the pieces they initially brought out… I was wanting to like both sides of the necklace; however, once they took this one out of display there was no hesitation that it was the one. I love how metallic the green, blue, and purple hues are. 

Whew, well that’s a peek into my jewelry collection! I might do another post down the road on my actual storage when I return to Savannah in August- we’re moving to an apartment closer to school.


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