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Today I’m sharing my makeup collection and storage. When I started watching Youtube years ago, I loved to watch makeup collections to get storage ideas but I’m also nosey and wanted to see what everyone had! Over Black Friday I saw Target restocked this Sugar Paper for Target desk I fell in love with last year. It took forever for it to come (not my favorite delivery service ever let’s be honest), but once it arrived it was well worth the headache.

I knew I wanted to get rid of the cluttered acrylic makeup organizer I used on top of my old desk and downsize my makeup collection to fit inside one of the drawers. It wasn’t too hard to narrow it down after going through the Think Dirty app to kick out the toxic beauty products I didn’t want or need in my life. I’m still weaning the toxic products down, but I took out almost all the highly toxic beauty products from my collection (>8/10).

To protect the new white drawers, I added in leftover marble contact paper from a previous DIY to the bottom of my makeup drawer. I knew things in there would eventually get messy! At first, I just had everything laid out and grouped together by the type of product. That got old really quick because everything would roll around it was hard to find what I was looking for. I came across these affordable acrylic trays at Target and knew it would be the perfect solution. I used 4 trays to organize my products by product type: face, eyes, lips, cheeks.

Watch the video below to see my entire makeup collection. I talk about pretty much everything inside of it and why I love it.

And yes, that is my DIY hot glued re-upholstered chair you may have seen on my IG stories! If you missed it, I saved the story to my HOME IG highlight. You can see how I made my IG highlight covers here by the way!


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