Make it Rayne

Cardigan: Fiore Boutique // Tank: Express // Shorts: 3 in Chino from J. Crew // Shoes: Michael Kors // Clutch: COACH // Necklace: Kendra Scott

Now that I’m back in Savannah, I lost my photographer and I’m back to being in a long distance relationship 🙁 I will have to figure out fashion posts, but for now my new mirror from my moms art gallery will do! This is a look from Sunday filled with church, Zoe’s Kitchen, and my football fantasy draft. Today I am actually driving back to Atlanta to spend some time with the boy over the long weekend! In the widget below are some similar items to the ones featured above. Hope ya’ll have a wonderful (labor free) holiday! 

Side note, J. Crew is having 25% off which ends today! Shop your fall wardrobe here while it’s on sale! 

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  1. LOVE that kimono! That lace detailing is just perfect!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

    Posted 8.28.14 Reply
  2. Such a pretty cardigan and I love the color of your top!

    Posted 8.28.14 Reply
  3. The kimono is gorgeous and I love the colors in your outfit!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    Posted 8.28.14 Reply
  4. Love the cardigan, it's so feminine and the lace is beautiful! I was just introduced to Zoe's Kitchen, I'm obsessed now haha Enjoy your weekend in ATL!


    Posted 8.28.14 Reply
  5. Your kimono is stunning!!

    Posted 8.28.14 Reply
  6. Such a lovely outfit! The colours are gorgeous as is your kimono

    Posted 8.28.14 Reply
  7. beautiful outfit..:)

    Posted 8.28.14 Reply
  8. Pretty top!

    Posted 8.29.14 Reply
  9. Sienna wrote:

    i love that your phone case matches, haha

    Posted 8.29.14 Reply
  10. Hi sweet Amanda
    What amazing outfit
    Love your top, it looks wonderful on you
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary Fashion Blog

    Posted 8.29.14 Reply
  11. Great top!

    Posted 8.29.14 Reply
  12. nice outfit
    cute room

    Posted 8.29.14 Reply
  13. Jessica wrote:

    Beautiful look! Amazing blue top, that color is perfect! xoxo,

    Posted 8.31.14 Reply
  14. Hello Amanda! You got such an amazing style. Love your blog.

    Posted 8.31.14 Reply
  15. EMA wrote:

    Love this great look!

    Posted 9.1.14 Reply
  16. First of all, your room is gorgeous! Second of all, love those shoes!!

    Posted 9.1.14 Reply
  17. Love the clutch!


    Posted 9.2.14 Reply
  18. That overthrow is amazing! Such a cute outfit 🙂
    xx Katie

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply