Tennis dresses, with their winning combination of comfort and style, have become a standout athleisure choice both on and off the court. This versatile piece seamlessly blends sporty sophistication with a dash of chic, allowing you to be on trend and comfortable no matter where you’re headed. Personally, I love to wear a good tennis dress for a feminine touch to an athleisure look. In this post, I’m excited to share a round-up of creative ways to style a tennis dress to help you craft the perfect look, whether you’re actually headed out for a day of pickleball or you simply want to wear a tennis dress out for a day of casual errands. Let’s jump in!

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How To Style A Tennis Dress

Choose the Right Fit

Tennis dresses come in various styles, including A-line, shift, and fit-and-flare. Opt for a fit that complements your body shape and allows for ease of movement on the court. A well-fitted dress not only enhances your appearance but also boosts your confidence.

Thoughtfully Add Layers

Tennis dresses are versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down. To make your tennis dress suitable for a casual outing or cooler weather, layer it with a sweatshirt or a cardigan. Choose a complementary color or pattern to create a stylish contrast.

Experiment with shoes

Your choice of shoes can greatly influence the overall look of your tennis dress. While classic tennis shoes are the go-to option for a traditional sporty appearance, don’t be afraid to experiment with other styles. Consider pairing your dress with low-top sneakers for a casual and comfortable look, or opt for platform sneakers to add a trendy and fashionable twist. Sandals or flats can transform your tennis dress into an outfit that’s perfect for off-court occasions.

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Tennis Dress Outfit Ideas

tennis dress with running shoes


For a chic and sporty look that effortlessly combines comfort and style, consider pairing a sleek black tennis dress with a pair of running shoes. This outfit choice exudes a vibe that’s perfect for those active, on-the-go days. The black tennis dress provides a classic base that allows the grey running shoes to pop while ensuring maximum comfort. The monochromatic color scheme creates an understated yet fashionable appearance, making it easy to transition from the tennis court to casual hangouts with friends or even a quick coffee run.

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tennis dress with sneakers and a belt bag


Elevate your tennis dress game with a sleek and sophisticated look that’s both practical and stylish. Start with a classic black tennis dress and pair it with crisp white Nike sneakers, offering a clean and sporty contrast. To add a touch of practicality, reach for a beige-colored belt bag. This look is a testament to a modern style that’s perfect for casual comfort.

tennis dress with a sweater over the shoulders and flats


For a tennis dress outfit that seamlessly combines sophistication and comfort, consider starting with a classic black tennis dress as your foundation, and to add a touch of timeless elegance, drape a crisp white sweater over your shoulders. This simple yet chic styling trick not only keeps you cozy but also adds an effortlessly stylish layer to your look. Complete the look with black and tan cap-toe ballet flats, offering a refined look.

tennis dress with a twisted cropped top


Elevate your tennis dress game with a fresh and athletic-inspired look. Begin with a crisp white pleated tennis dress for an elegant choice that perfectly embodies a classic look. To add a dash of trendy athleisure style to your look, layer it with a striped athleisure top featuring a stylish twisted crop detail. This not only adds a contemporary touch but also ensures comfort and flexibility. Complete the outfit with white crew socks for a sporty touch.

tennis dress with a short-sleeve blazer top


For a sophisticated and polished take on tennis dress style, consider starting with a classic black tennis dress. Add a touch of refinement and versatility by layering it with a crisp white short-sleeved blazer top. This combination strikes the perfect balance between sporty and chic, offering a tailored and fashion-forward look.

tennis dress with a quarter zip pullover and sneakers


For a timeless yet sporty look, consider starting with a classic white pleated tennis dress and then add a touch of casual versatility by layering it with a light blue quarter-zip pullover sweatshirt. This effortlessly chic pairing not only keeps you warm but also offers a stylish contrast. Complete the look with clean white sneakers, ensuring both comfort and style.

tennis dress with a patch pocket cardigan


Achieve a polished and sophisticated look with your classic black tennis dress by pairing it with a navy patch pocket cardigan sweater. This combination strikes a balance between sporty and chic, offering warmth and a stylish contrast to your outfit. This versatile look effortlessly transitions from several different occasions and events you might have throughout the day while allowing you to stay comfortable.

floral tennis dress with a light sweater


For a fresh and feminine take on tennis dress style, consider starting with a floral-printed tennis dress that exudes both charm and playfulness. To add versatility and a layer of comfort, pair it with a light sweater, effortlessly blending sporty with chic. This look is perfect for a variety of occasions.

tennis dress with a crewneck sweatshirt and slippers


For a blend of athletic comfort and casual chic, consider pairing a classic black tennis dress with a vibrant pink crewneck Nike sweatshirt. This combination strikes the perfect balance between sporty and cozy. To complete the look, add a pair of comfortable Ugg slippers that provide a touch of relaxation and style. This look is ideal for those days when you want to stay active but still feel relaxed and fashionable.

tennis dress with a long-sleeve crew neck top and A belt bag


Elevate your tennis dress look by embracing a trendy and practical way to style it. Start with a classic tennis dress and layer it with a long-sleeve crew neck top to add warmth and versatility. To add a touch of functionality, add a belt bag that’s both chic and convenient.

Styling a tennis dress offers a world of possibilities to create looks that are both fashionable and functional. From classic to sporty to effortlessly chic, the tennis dress proves its versatility time and again. So, don’t hesitate to experiment, mix and match, and explore different combinations to find the style that resonates with you the most. With the right accessories, layering, and a dash of confidence, your tennis dress can become a go-to piece in your wardrobe for any occasion.

Which tennis dress outfit was your favorite from this round-up? Let me know in the comments!



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