Lets just say this was my first attempt to snap some pictures during the so called “golden hour” of photography, and I wouldn’t say it was as glamorous as I was expecting. I don’t think this bright orange top helped, but the lighting and shadows in these photos turned out pretty crazy..forgive me, practice makes perfect!

I wore this outfit to dinner with family to celebrate my little brothers birthday. Even though he’s now 15, he still requested a bow and arrow from the balloon guy…although it should be noted that I tested it out, so I guess you never really do grow up 😉

Now I haven’t worn this bubble necklace in easily a year and a half because they were so overdone, but it’s exactly what this outfit needed! I love a good peach and turquoise combo, and I’m happy I never got rid of it. I’m also wearing a little rose gold arrow necklace I found at the Atlanta Mart, but in the widget below is a gold version that I love!



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