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Instead of sharing my Friday Favorites I thought I would write about some recent products I’ve sadly used up. It seems like I go forever without emptying a product then BAM, they all decide it’s time to go. Some of these I have already re-purchased, and others I’m waiting to use up similar items until I shop again. 

Starting with two I’ve already re-purchased… the TRESemme hairspray has been in my beauty cabinet for years. I’ve wanted to venture out and try others, but this one does the job (holds but is flexible aka no gross crunch- and I have very fine hair!) while being one of the cheapest options at the drugstore. The second product I never let myself run out of is the Batiste dry shampoo. I think I’ve gone through 4 of these total, maybe 5. Other dry shampoos have left my hair feeling gritty and weird, but I use this everyday for extra volume and to refresh my hair. A little tip of mine is to spray it further away than you think, the closer you spray the more you have to worry about white residue in your hair to brush out.

I’m sad this candle (scent red current) from Fabrik is burnt out because it smelt up my room as soon as it was lit and really did last a lot longer than I anticipated. It has a very neutral smell that I think anyone would love.

 I used this  Illegal Length mascara on top of my favorite volumizing mascara because it was really good at lengthening. However this time it seemed to irritate my eyes somehow, I’m not sure if it was a weird batch or the little fibers in the formula but I had to cut its use short. The second mascara I’ve used up (link) came in a Sephora last stash (love these every year!). It was a good happy medium mascara between lengthening and volumizing, but since my favorite mascara discovery was along with it in the stash it wasn’t my first choice when applying. 

I’ve used this foundation throughout the whole year of 2014 and once it was out I still haven’t really settled on a new foundation that beats it. It’s very light on the skin but has a great coverage. Do you have any recommendations for me? I’ve tried Estee Lauder and although the coverage is amazing I think it’s too heavy for everyday (I would definitely wear it to shoot blog posts though!). I’m currently using this oldie but a goodie that’s been in my collection until I find another one. This concealer had a great brightening affect but it seems like I really went through the product quickly. However NYX seems to have the best color range as far as drugstore concealers go. 

I’ve gone through two of these lip conditioners and although they are luxurious I don’t plan to repurchase anytime soon. However this lip serum from this has caught my eye, have you tried it?

Benefit Gimme Brow is a great brow product for quick color. I have blond eyelashes and eyebrows, so I use eyebrow products to just make it look like I have eyebrows, haha. I really liked using this product on school days when need to get ready quickly. I plan to re-purchase it at some point, just haven’t gotten around to it yet!

Lastly the product I’m most sad about throwing away is this go-to liner of mine for the perfect cat eye. This product is so easy to use because the tip is a lot thinner than most liners of its kind. I prefer this because I get a more precise wing. I’m still sad they discontinued the brown formulation (2 year grudge and counting) – I think the brown color suits me best with my light features. Again, I’m trying to use up other products so I’ve gone back to this gel liner for the time being.

Well there’s a not so quick mini review on a few products I’ve used up. Anything you’ve recently used up I should know about??


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