This summer I started working on our next big house project – our closet! Designing a custom closet is a dream project for me so I’m really wanting to take my time with it and make sure it’s perfect. As I work through my design ideas, I thought it would be fun to share my custom closet design inspiration, as well as some of the mock-up designs I’ve received so far.

Custom Closet Design Inspiration:

Custom Closet Design Inspiration

I have always loved Rachel Parcell’s closets through the years, talk about goals! This photo inspired me to potentially add a pink ceiling to the design. It would be a nice way to break up all the white shelving and walls, but I don’t have any natural lighting in my closet so we’ll see. This is the color Light Mocha by Benjamin Moore. I also love the intentional display of her wedding shoes with a sconce. Her closet has a very decorated, boutique look to it.

Rachel Parcell closet
Monika Hibbs's closet
Monika Hibbs's closet tour

Monika Hibbs’s closet is one of my all-time favorite closets. I just adore her home design in general because it’s so light and airy. I love how simple and clean her closet design is. It doesn’t feel too cluttered but everything has a spot. I love how she organized her dresses and the use of drawers below for functional storage. I’m also a really big fan of the sconce and decorative vanity with the tall double-knob drawers.

fabric on door closet

I love the use of fabric on the doors here and would love to incorporate it into the design. It feels so traditional and feminine. Since I want doors covering everything, I think it would be a nice way to break up the design so it doesn’t look like a hallway of white doors.

reeded drawer fronts

I love the general symmetry in the design and the reeded drawer fronts. Everything is closed off except for the open shelving with accessories, and I think that’s a nice way to display things without the closet feeling too cluttered. I also love the mirrored doors along the right side with the centered round ottoman.

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Custom Closet Design Inspiration

A common thing I noticed with my inspiration is I prefer a deeper hanging space versus the standard depth where the hangers would stick out. I think it gives it a cleaner look, although the downside is it takes up more space. I also don’t mind the use of glass door fronts.

LoveShackFancy closet

This closet belongs to the owner of LoveShackFancy, so you know it’s going to be a feminine and dreamy space! I love the lighting throughout the shelving and the gorgeous pink velvet panels on the side of the shelves. I would love to do a herringbone hardwood floor in our closet, too!

My closet design must-haves:

  • I want most of the space to be behind doors for a clean look
  • accessory organization for jewelry, belts, scarves, headbands, etc.
  • drawers for storage vs. upper cabinets
  • I need symmetry in the design
  • hooks for display / functional use
  • mirror at entry or within the design
  • I prefer hanging space for clothing over folding
  • folded sweater section
  • lighting

Things that would be nice:

  • laundry hamper space
  • floor to ceiling “built-in” look
  • herringbone hardwood floors
  • countertop space
  • room for an ottoman in the center (my closet is pretty narrow so we’ll see)
  • sconce detail

Current Custom Closet Designs

Here are two of the designs I’m currently deciding between. I love elements from both so I’m still thinking through which design would be best for my needs. I’d love your feedback on the designs if you have any suggestions! One thing to keep in mind with these mockups is it’s more so the layout that I’m focused on now, and the overall design (door fronts, hardware, color, lighting, etc) will come after that’s nailed down.

California Closet Design

California Closet Design

This first closet design is from Jacob at California Closets. This design compared to the next one is all the same depth. The back accessory wall is different on the right and left sides because I wanted to see how the shoe shelves would look wrapped around the corner. The left side is designed with a slant and gold rail detail. The right side of the closet is organized for more of my longer hanging items like dresses, coats, jeans, and maxi skirts. The other side is all double-hanging closet space. The middle section behind the mirror has a shorter, 3-rack hanging section for shorter items like shorts and skirts.

This design came in right at my budget, but I would still need to add lighting to it so it will end up slightly over.

Closet Design Details
  • flushed cabinetry
  • open shoe shelving
  • stair stacked drawers
  • glass cabinet handbag storage
  • countertop space
  • hidden double laundry basket section
  • plenty of hanging space
  • floor to ceiling design
  • jewelry drawer

Container Store Custom Closet Design

Container Store Custom Closet Design
Container Store Custom Closet Design

This closet design is from Stephen at the Container Store Avalon. This one has a little more dimension, which I think gives it a sophisticated touch and will also open up more floor space in the front and back of the closet. The left side is dedicated to double hanging space (6 sections of double hang) and the right side of the wardrobe has 3 longer hanging sections for dresses and pants. I really like the varying heights of the drawers to give it some interest but it still looks symmetrical. One main downside to this design is they aren’t able to build it all the way up to the ceiling due to an angle in the left wall of the closet. It’s also the more expensive option between the two and over my initial budget, but this quote does already have lighting included in the open areas of the design.

This layout gives me more shelving storage, but less hanging space compared to the California Closet design above.

Closet Design Details
  • more shelving storage (6 shelving sections for sweaters, bags, etc)
  • less hanging space
  • dimensional cabinetry
  • hidden single hamper
  • enclosed shoe shelving
  • open handbag / decorative accessory area
  • design does not go to the ceiling
  • jewelry drawer

Both designers really understood my vision for my closet space, so it’s hard to choose between the two! Which design do you prefer and why?

Decorative Touches I’m Eyeing for the closet

I’m planning to do 2 of these light fixtures

I’m eyeing these acrylic valet hooks

These are the knobs I would love to use with coordinating drawer pulls

I love this gold mirror (it’s the same one as one of my inspo pics)



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