Today I’m sharing some cozy comforts sure to make any homebody happy on Christmas morning! You can shop all of these products by clicking on their image or in the widget below.

1. Faux Fur Sleep Mask: For some reason, I have to resist purchasing another sleep mask. They’re always just so cute and I actually do use them to help me sleep in on the weekends or for nights when I have trouble falling asleep. This one from Nordstrom has a little extra glam for the winter months, faux real! 😜


2. Cozy Chic Robe: This Robe from Barefoot Dreams would be the ultimate gift for the cozy homebody! I’ve heard such good things about this brand and have felt them in stores. The material alone is so dreamy compared to the typical bathrobe (by the way, I hate towel robes!). I’ve heard they also wash really well, which is important if you put on your makeup in them like I do!


3. & 8.  Both Tim and I love to light candles to unwind when we’re home. This rose gold candle would be perfect for the glam girl, and I’ve always wanted to try Diptyque candles but don’t want to splurge on them for myself! Confession – anyone else though they were pronounced dip-tea-que? Just me? I suck at pronouncing things. We were just gifted an oil diffuser yesterday that I’m currently loving too! We have lavender and tea tree, but if there’s a combo you recommend I would love to hear because I’m new to the oil thing!


4 & 13: My feet are always cold in the winter months but I’m not always a fan of wearing socks around because I feel claustrophobic. These from Ugg are top rated, but this pair from Target is very affordable!


5. The Year Of Cozy: I’ve been trying to collect more coffee books in the past month. I got lucky and found this one online from TJ Maxx and this one at Home Goods. I actually saw this book at Marshalls and regret not picking it up! I added a few more on sale in the widget below.


6. Flannel Pajamas: I always love to get a new pair of pajamas for Christmas because that’s when I tend to wear the full sets to stay warm in for the winter months! Otherwise, I typically just lounge in hoodies and tee shirts, so glam. I swear, Kate Spade


7. Bow Picture Frame: This picture frame is very affordable, and I adore the little bow! Adding some personal touches to your space instantly make you feel more at home. Gifting pictures for the holidays are always welcomed by parents and grandparents, and I think your bestie will appreciate it too.


9. Laura Mercier Bath Set:  A luxury bubble bath is right up there when it comes to cozy! Our home has a huge tub that I’m excited to break in to wind down. I’ve used this body butter before, and it smells delish!


10. Cheers Candy Bento Box: I’m addicted to Sugarfina candy boxes. I had them at my wedding while we were getting ready because what’s more celebratory than champagne gummies? This box (or the individual boxes) would make great stocking stuffers.


11. Wool Blend Hat: Warm and cozy hats make a great gift because one size fits all and they’ll wear it all winter long! These wool hats with fur pom moms were my favorite last year, and I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon! This one is very affordable if you’re a baller on a budget this year.


12. Marled Tassel Scarf: A funny little story about this scarf- I found it on Black Friday and could have sworn I purchased it; however, I haven’t received an email or checking confirmation…I guess I was just dreaming about it instead? I love the baby pink and tassels, so I’ll just add it to my Christmas Wishlist at this point 😉


14. Coffee Mug: Everyone loves new additions to their coffee collection, or for some added coziness some yummy hot chocolate (my fave). Last year I was all about some homemade Nutella hot chocolate too. These are always a fan favorite for the holidays and always sell out!


15. White Fur Decorative Pillow: Switching out your pillow’s is an easy way to mix up your space for the seasons, plus what’s more cozy that some plush pillows to relax against? I think they make great gifts (as long as you know their home decor taste), because if you’re like me and just starting out in your own place you don’t really budget for seasonal pillows 😉 These leopard pillows are definitely at the top of my wishlist!




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