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This bodycon dress from Leith was a little out of my comfort zone because it shows all my curves, but since Tim was a fan I put my hand on my hip and smiled for the camera 😜

I found it on the sale rack in Nordstrom, so it was one of those “I better buy it now and decide later” type of purchases. When I got home, I realized how versatile it would be because the sleeves are tight enough to easily slip under sweaters and I can always layer a fur vest over it when I’m worried I’m “doing the most” in the booty department, haha!

Another mention is these Tory Burch boots. They were originally a purchase for my Mom during the Black Friday sale; however, they were way too tall for her 5ft frame so we traded boots instead 🙂 They’re still on sale and available in all sizes as of this morning!

The weekend was cold and rainy so I couldn’t shoot the holidays looks I had been planning for you guys 🙁 The time change doesn’t favor fashion bloggers who work full time, that’s for sure!


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