Beach Ready

I’m heading down to Savannah for the last week of summer semester, so a few trips to the beach are already worked into my schedule. I thought I would share some of the things I make sure to bring with me, besides all the obvious things (sunscreen, towel, water, snacks, chair, etc). 

First things first, gotta tan. Here are some of the products I recommend to achieve that perfect tan. P.S: I highly recommend this Banana Boat tanner, the color lasts noticeably longer than the St. Tropez! Plus, its less than a third of the price. I find mine at Walmart. 

Step 1: exfoliate // Step 2: moisturize the joints // Step 3: Apply Tanner  (splurge / save)

Here are the products I recommend to give you a natural beauty look that will last. No worries, this simple routine won’t look ridiculous out on the beach. This is one of the only occasions when I avoid my beloved winged eyeliner. Also, make sure those toes are acceptable to be in out public. Mine are currently painted Essie Mint Candle Apple. 

Brows // Face // Mascara // Eye Bright // Lips

 Next, the products I like to bring along with me in my beach bag. A good lip balm with sun screen is a must- no one wants burnt lips. A good hat to protect your hair and face is what I recommend, but it could just be my strawberry blonde hair speaking. I bring along a wide tooth comb to keep my hair from getting too messy between the water and wind. A good facial mist is always welcomed along to refresh my skin throughout the day (pictured is a brand I’ve heard a lot about lately but haven’t yet tried.. have you?). It’s always a good idea to pack a spray (either perfume or body splash) because you can get sweaty (aka stinky) quick sitting out in the sun. Lastly, I prefer to wear sandals that are comfy and soft, but also in a lighter color so they don’t attract as much heat. I always hate putting on burning sandals at the end of the day. 

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight 

Finally, these are the products I don’t need to bring in my beach bag, but I want them once I get home to rejuvenate my hair and skin from a day in the sun. I’ve been obsessed with coconut oil lately, and I’ve heard it also helps with sunburn (just in case) -more on how I use coconut oil later this month. It’s important to bring along a deep conditioner, as well as a leave in product to help your hair recover. Apply a good eye cream and lip balm and you’re set for healthy hydrated skin.  

body // face // eyes // lips 

I think that about rounds it up for beach necessities. Now to get that last workout it..


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  1. Hope you have an amazing trip! Loving that Kate Spade tote and the Tory hat! So perfect for the beach!

    <3, Pamela

    Posted 7.17.14 Reply
  2. St. Tropez is my absolute favorite! And that Kate Spade bag is gorgeous!

    La Joie de Vivre by Alecia Mariana
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    Posted 7.17.14 Reply
  3. Ahhhh love Savannah!!! That Banana Boat self tanner is my favorite!!

    <3 Shannon

    Posted 7.17.14 Reply
  4. I love that Kate Spade bag! Have a fun trip!


    Posted 7.17.14 Reply
  5. What a great post! I love that eye bright pencil from Benefit. It makes me look a million times better with a few dabs! Moisturizing the joints is so important with self tanning – I hate when I see people that forgot it. And I need to try that it's a 10 hair potion! Everyone raves about it!

    xo, Michaela
    The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    Posted 7.17.14 Reply
  6. Amazing products!

    Would you like to follow each other ?


    Emily from PTT

    Posted 7.17.14 Reply
  7. Love it! I need to try that tanner for sure! I use coconut oil too, it's my favorite way to moisturize! Have fun st the beach!
    Brittany Blake

    Posted 7.18.14 Reply
  8. Brittney wrote:

    I love how you covered before beach prep and recovery. This was an extremely helpful and well-thought out post. Also, it's great how you included lip products (most people forget about their lips!).

    Another Beautiful Thing

    Posted 7.18.14 Reply
  9. Great beach picks! I use so many of these products and they are lifechangers!

    xo, Bekka
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    Posted 7.18.14 Reply
  10. I am loving these picks! I want a panama hat so bad!

    Posted 7.18.14 Reply
  11. Sienna wrote:

    have fun in Savannah! and i love that pink kate spade bag

    Posted 7.19.14 Reply
  12. christy. wrote:

    Great post! It's things like this which makes me appreciate and love the summer. It's too bad Beach and Sun is only possible for less than half the year! 

    Posted 7.19.14 Reply
  13. Sienna wrote:

    i love caudalie but haven't tried this product, need to!

    Posted 7.21.14 Reply