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When I moved to Savannah for school my hair routine as I knew it was abruptly put in it’s place. Actually, I didn’t even consider myself having a “hair routine” because it just consisted of whatever shampoo/conditioner I picked up at CVS and this hairspray I’ve been using for years.

Down here, the humidity is on a whole. new. level. I’ve grown up in the South and have always been accustomed to a little frizziness, even welcomed the extra “volume” at times! Now without some extra help, my curls will flatten and frizz out by the time I make it to my car. Not cute.

I have been a fan of Living Proof since I discovered them at Ulta over Christmas break. The obsession started with a sample of the PHD (Perfect Hair Day) shampoo. I’m someone who really doesn’t notice subtle differences in a change in my beauty routine, so I was shocked that I could see a little somethin-somethin with my hairstyle after the first wash. My curls were bouncier, brighter, and softer than the day before and since then I’ve been hooked.

Flash forward to now and I’m currently using the No Frizz line from Living Proof, perfect for the EVEN MORE HUMID summer ahead. I start out by using the shampoo and conditioner, then follow up with this moisturizing balm throughout my hair but focusing on the ends. They recommend to blow-dry for the best results, but the majority of the time I let it air dry if I’m using hot tools to save it from the extra heat. If I do decide to blow dry it (basically, when I’m rushing out the door), I’ll wear it straight and use a few velcro rollers at my crown for added volume.

After I style it, I finish my look with this *shining star* of the collection. I’ve never seen or used anything like it before. It offers UV protection and static control (both aggregators of frizz), so this product will also be a staple in the winter months when static season is in full force. Humidity Shield can be used as a heat protectant before using hot tools, and to tames those annoying fly aways while you’re styling! When I’m done I use it again after hairspray for additional protection from humidity (the more protection, the better, right?). I know what you’re thinking, did all this product weigh down my style?! My hair has very fine texture (basically the same as baby hair), so I was shocked this didn’t weigh it down OR cause any greasiness, #miracle!

Here’s a quick snap of my second day hair in the sun for added “Proof” (pun intended).
My necklace is from Carolina Clover (c/o), and this top is linked in my last post!

You can learn more about the line here, and shop the products in the widget below!

Side note: I’ve having major “change it up” thoughts in my head for my next hair appointment on Thursday. I’m not sure if I can really commit just yet… my hair has taken YEARS to grow out.  I’m not talking anything crazy, but I’ve been loving the wavy medium length hair I’ve been seeing everywhere… opinions are welcomed!

No Frizz sample products were sent as a gift from Living Proof, but I have and continue to be a big fan of Living Proof products prior to this collaboration!

This in no way reflects in my opinion for this review.


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