Atlanta Bridal Boutique Reviews

I wanted to share a quick little cheat sheet from my experiences shopping at bridal boutiques in Atlanta so all of my fellow ATL brides can have a little inside scoop to the type of boutiques they want to visit. If you missed my wedding dress shopping experience, you may want to read that before heading out for you appointments because I shared a lot of shopping tips and tricks!

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The White Magnolia in Buckhead

  • The most darling little shop
  • Smaller selection
  • Patient and budget friendly consultants
  • Very intimate. All appointments are 1:1 in the store
  • Good lighting
  • Extra large fitting room
  • The consultant wasn’t in there with you until you needed to zip / clip
  • Offered 10% off day of appointment purchase
  • No in-house alterations to get an idea of what that will cost
  • No problem with you taking pictures

Wedding Angels in Roswell

  • Large selection divided into rooms by style of dress
  • Seemed to be the only shop that offered different perks: when I went they were offering a free veil.
  • Large selection of bridal accessories
  • Bad lighting in the viewing rooms (at least the one I was in)
  • Great consultants
  • Separate rooms to go into when showing everyone the dress to help with intimacy
  • No problem with you taking pictures
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Atlanta Bridal Couture in Alpharetta – CLOSED

  • Good natural light when trying on dresses
  • Had to carry some heavy dresses up the stairs to the fitting room
  • Medium sized selection
  • I self-selected everything, the consultant wasn’t really picking up what I was putting down
  • No problem with you taking pictures

Joan Pillow Salon in Buckhead

  • Expensive, but the most dreamy selection
  • Not the best lighting
  • Right next to the bridesmaids shop. You can see how the dresses will look next to yours.
  • This was the only boutique that had someone from alterations there to talk me through what to expect in my fittings. This may depend on day/time you go.
  • No problem with taking pictures
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J. Andrews Bridal in Peachtree City

  • You can’t see most of the selection so you have to have a good consultant / clear vision –
  • I wasn’t clicking with the options my consultant was putting me in, but maybe that is because I didn’t really know what I wanted?
  • Very small fitting rooms, especially for bigger dresses + the consultant in there with you while you changed.
  • Good designer selection

Bridals By Lori

  • It was cool to go to because of the show, but don’t go on a Saturday or weekend when they’re busy. I felt like I was in a beehive and it was very loud / busy. Go on a weekday if you can fit it into your schedule.
  • They didn’t really respect the budget you told them. I was told, “well there’s this dress but it’s $****”
  • Dresses are in bags so it’s a little harder to tell if you want to try them on, but it did keep them looking nicer than other samples I tried on.
  • Not intimate.  Multiple girls will be looking into the same mirror and trying to have their “moment”, plus I felt uncomfortable trying on gowns in front of everyone else’s entourage and watching them talking about the dresses on me.
  • More pressure to purchase environment
  • Biggest selection of gowns from all the other boutiques
  • I didn’t have an appointment and they worked me right in
  • No pictures allowed
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  • Smallest selection
  • Budget friendly, most selections are around $1000 and under.
  • Unique and pretty accessories, though expensive
  • Only two fitting rooms are reserved for BHLDN, the rest are for Anthropology customers. Bridal gowns are by appointment only, but my Mom and I were going to shop for bridesmaid dresses and the first time they let us go into the regular fitting rooms and the second trip to look for her dress they made us wait quite a while to use the BHLDN fitting rooms. I would just recommend called ahead for an appointment to be safe.
  • You can easily see all of their selections online before going. Other boutiques would just list the designers offered.
  • No in-house alterations to get an idea of what that will cost

Adore Bridal Boutique – Kennesaw, GA

  • I didn’t visit this shop for my dress shopping experience but my sister-in-law went and it is so cute!
  • Small, intimate selection
  • Great natural lighting
  • Good size to fitting rooms

If you’re an Atlanta bride, where did you say yes to the dress? I’d love to hear about your experience!

xo Amanda John



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