Hi Friends! Wow, I have so much content to bring you over the next few weeks to recap our trip to London and Paris, along with some videos I filmed before we left. If you missed it, we went to Europe last week, but you can catch up on the posts over on Instagram and in my story highlights! I can’t wait to share everything we did, what I packed, and travel tips and tricked I learned along the way.

I thought I would share 5 completely random things I bought this weekend after getting back home.

Billie razer

I broke down and bought the insta-famous Billie razer. I’ve been using a men’s razor for years, and on my trip, I used one that had a wider moisturizing base and I liked it so much better. I’ll let you know what I think of it, but I love how simple they make buying new razers. You tell them how often you shave per week and they send you replacements when you need them!

Sakara Membership

Ok y’all, this subscription is EXPENSIVE. It definitely hurt to purchase, but I’m so sick of feeling bloated and eating horribly. I’m really lazy when it comes to cooking and meal prepping, and this service sends you plant-based vegan ready-to-serve meals that are packed with nutrients. I don’t plan to keep it around long, but I wanted to try it to jumpstart a healthier routine. I plan to share my experience here after I try it! I know it’s going to be quite an adjustment for me as I love my CFA and chips and salsa snack, but I’m interested to see how my body, mind, and skin like a more vegan diet.

If you use this affiliate link to try the service, we both get $50 off your order!

Fleece-lined quilted utility jacket

I’ve been eyeing this utility jacket and bought it in a different color, but quickly exchanged it this weekend for this new blush color. Yes, please! It’s the perfect casual Fall jacket that has a cozy wubby lining.

Soft Sweater for Leggings

This cream sweater looks SO soft and perfect to pair with leather leggings and to travel in. I can’t wait to feel it in person!

Parka Jacket (50% off)

I have this coat in tan from two years ago and it’s my go-to! I bought this year’s version in gray and pink to try on for y’all soon. The price right now is too good to pass up if you need a coat this Winter. I sized down to a 2 in mine so I’ll keep you posted if sizing is any different this year.

* * *

After my travels, I am feeling so inspired to create here and to prep for the holiday season. I’ve started pulling gift ideas and holiday outfits that I will launch in a holiday shop later this week. In November, I will be breaking down gift ideas by price, person, and sharing a ton of fun holiday content!

I need to get ready for work :)
xo Amanda John



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