With each new season, it brings with it new fashion trends. But you may not have all of the on-trend pieces in your closet for that particular season. And that’s ok because you can still get the trendy looks you want without blowing your budget. You can utilize items you already have in your closet and a few fashion hacks to get the trendy looks you want. Fashion hacks can also be helpful when you have a fashion slip-up like when your favorite sweater is pilling. Don’t throw that beauty away because I’m sharing 15 fashion life hacks you must know for fall and winter today!

I also filmed a YouTube video about the 15 fashion life hacks. So if you’re more of a visual person, be sure to head over there where I demonstrate each of these too.

15 Fashion Life Hacks You Must Know for Fall and Winter

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Easy On-and-Off Hack for Over-the-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots can sometimes be tricky getting them on and off, especially if they’re a tighter silhouette around the leg. To easily get them on and off, all I do is fold the top half down to the bottom of my calf and pull off. That way you don’t have as much material to work with. To get them on, simply keep the top half folded down and pull them onto your foot. Once the shoe is secure on your foot, then fold the top half of the material over your knee. This also prevents your pants from bunching up as you put them on, win-win!

How to Clean Suede Boots

If your pretty suede boots get dirty, don’t worry! They’re easier to clean than you thought they would be. All you need is a regular eraser. I actually bought a suede-cleaning eraser (who knew they made those?!). Just go over the little stain with the eraser until it comes out. Easy peasy!

15 fall fashion hacks - How to Clean Suede Boots

How to Protect Your Suede Boots for Fall and Winter

To prevent your suede shoes or boots from needing that handy dandy eraser as much, protect your shoes with ScotchGard spray. I usually give all my suede shoes a spray at the beginning of each fall season. It helps to repel water and salt stains. You want a lighter hand with this and give two light coats as opposed to one heavy coat. It will make them look darker and then it drys lighter in color. I’ve never noticed any color discoloration when using it. But you can always test a small patch on the inside to be safe.

How to Store Your Tall Boots

15 fall fashion hacks - How to Store Your Tall Boots

I like to store my tall boots in an upright position because it prevents creases and saves space in your closet. Instead of purchasing boot shapers that are about $15 for a pair (crazy!), simply use a pool noodle from the dollar store. Cut them to the length of your boot and place them in each one.

How to Get Dust off Your Black Suede Boots

Instead of getting out any type of cleaner to dust off your black suede boots, you just need a lint roller to get the job done. You can also use tape, but I find the lint roller doesn’t pull as much of the suede off as the tape does. I also love using the lint roller to clean up lamp shades and other fabrics that dust likes to cling to.

How to Get Pilling Off Your Winter Coats and Sweaters

No matter the quality of a sweater or coat, you’re going to eventually notice some pilling on them. Because of the friction caused by the underarms, on the forearm etc., you’ll get some pilling. All you need is this little fabric shaver that I’ve had for years. Go over the area where there’s pilling, and it will smooth it out and make it look brand new. You can also use the fabric shaver for upholstered furniture or rugs that might be pilling.

How to Get Creases Out of Your Faux Leather Skirts

How to Get Creases Out of Your Faux Leather Skirts

If you receive a new faux leather skirt in the mail and has a little crease down the middle, simply steam the skirt from the inside. If you try and steam the outside, it’s just going to get the skirt wet as it repels the steam. But if you run the steamer quickly on the inside of where that crease is, it will take it right out.

Oh and a bonus hack that I love to use for faux leather and suede skirts is to use tissue paper underneath the hanger hooks of skirts. I like to store my skirts hanging up, but the hanger hooks can put dents where the skirt was hanging from. To prevent that, simply put a little piece of tissue paper over the skirt where the clips go as a protective barrier.

How to Reshape a Bent Wool Hat

How to reshape a Bent Wool Hat

I love wearing hats year round. They can elevate your style easily and effortlessly. I wear straw hats in the spring and summer and felt or wool hats in the fall and winter. But sometimes new hats that come in the mail can come creased, dented or misshapen. Simply take a steamer to the brim of the hat and then lay the hat flat on the ground to cool. You’ll have a perfectly flat and structured brim after it cools.

How to Prevent Makeup Transfer onto Your Hats

If you don’t love makeup transferring onto the inside brim of your hat, try adding a little strip of moleskin to the area where your forehead typically hits. Whether you plan to sell your hat in a year and get a new one or just want to take really good care of it, this is a simple trick to keep your hat in great condition. You can also use moleskin to prevent blisters if you have areas that need a little extra padding for protection.

How to Make Your Hat Smaller

How to Make Your Hat Smaller

Many straw and felt hats are adjustable, but some of mine aren’t. If yours isn’t adjustable and it’s a little too big for your head, try using this padded foam insert. They come in different thicknesses, so I would start conservatively and then adjust from there. You don’t want it to be too tight! I recommend putting it in the back or on the side of the hat as opposed to the front so you don’t get an indention on your forehead.

How to Wear a Bodysuit Comfortably

15 fall fashion hacks - How to Wear a Bodysuit Comfortably

I’ve said this tip a lot lately in most of my try-on hauls because I’ve been really into bodysuits. If you haven’t jumped on the bodysuit bandwagon, give them a try after using this trick. I wasn’t a fan at the thought of wearing pretty much two thongs, so this feels much more comfortable. Simply tuck the two ends into your pants (no snapping required) and they’ll stay put. If you haven’t already, definitely give a bodysuit a try, especially in the fall and winter when you’re layering different pieces like ponchos and cardigans. Bodysuits give you such a clean and tucked look that’s ideal for layering.

How to Get a Casual Roll on Your Sleeve

Instead of rolling your shirt perfectly twice up your arm, all you want to do is grab the inside and roll it over halfway one time. So it doesn’t look perfectly rolled and gives it a casual look. It prevents it from being too bulky on your arm and gives your outfit a relaxed vibe.

Change Up the Look of Your Favorite Dress

Change Up the Look of Your Favorite Dress

Dresses are definitely the most worn pieces in my closet. They’re comfortable and make you look put together. To make dresses work in the fall and winter, you can give them a completely different look by layering a sweater over the top of the dress. It makes the dress look a bit more casual and gives you an extra layer of warmth in the cooler months. If you want a more fitted silhouette when wearing a sweater over a dress, add a belt to your natural waistline. You can either leave the belt as is if it’s laying nicely or you can slightly pull the sweater out a bit from the belt to make it look like the sweater is tucked in.

Different Ways to Tuck Sweaters In

15 fall fashion hacks - Different Ways to Tuck Sweaters In

You can definitely just keep your sweater untucked if it’s laying nicely. But you can also try tucking the sweater in different ways to help extend your wardrobe. First, you can front tuck your shirt into your pants. When doing this option, take a less-is-more approach. Take the tiniest bit of material from the bottom front of your sweater and tuck into your pants, and then tuck the rest of the material under so it will lay flat.

My next tucking trick for wearing sweaters with skirts. You can tuck the end of your sweater under your bra all the way around, and it’s just kind of folded over to hit at your natural waistline. This gives the appearance that the sweater is actually tucked into the skirt. If you were to tuck the sweater into the skirt, it would make your waistline look bulky and no one wants that.

How to Shorten Your Leggings Without a Seamstress

How to Shorten Your Leggings Without a Seamstress

If you find that a pair of your leggings are too long or you just want the leggings to land a little higher on your leg for certain looks, simply pull the leggings up and then fold the material over. This also gives your leggings a clean and finished look because you’re hiding the seam at the bottom.

I hope you find these hacks helpful in extending your wardrobe. There’s generally a trick to everything, so be sure to check back again soon for more fashion hacks!

What was the most helpful hack for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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15 Fashion Life Hacks You Must Know for Fall and Winter


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