I have had a few questions from readers asking for my opinion on Shein, wondering if they we’re legit and worth ordering from. I wanted to share a review and shopping tips addressing most of your questions so you can shop with confidence at Shein. I filmed a Shein try on haul on my youtube channel and if you want to skip the review you can start the try on haul at 10:37!


Full outfit post from above picture can be found here

Shein Sizing

Sizing is going to be hit or miss. If you have purchased multiple times at Shein and everything fitted perfectly then tell me your secrets, but I usually have some items to return based on sizing errors. Most of the time, a medium will fit me either perfectly or slightly large. I’ve ordered the same top in “small” and “medium” and they were both the same size and I would have compared them to an XS. To have the best luck with sizing, I recommend to look at the measurements. Personally, I’m lazy and usually just pick a medium and if it works great if it doesn’t I’ll just return it. More on how returns work in a minute!

Watch my Shein try on haul to get a better idea on sizing.


Last year Shein moved to a US warehouse and the shipping experience has significantly improved. In the past, it took pretty long to receive orders. My last order was during the same time they were moving and my order took over a month to arrive. My last order, however, was delivered within a few days. The shipping may change based on the items you’re ordering because my friend ordered last week and shipping took longer than she expected. I often see free shipping to orders over $49. All of my items shipped inside individual plastic bags inside a plastic shipping bag. Just know you will need to steam each item before wearing it.

Shein quality

I mean, you don’t order a $14 top and expect it to compete with items from the department store. I don’t order expecting much, but order because the tops are trendy or items that would work great for a specific event. There will be some strings on the inside to cut or pull out, but for the most part all of my items have come stitched evenly and as expected. They usually have a polyester blend. I have seen the exact same items at Zara for double the price, like this ruffle bow tied top at Shein here!

Shein Returns

Unless you specify you want your money refunded in their service chat, the return will automatically go back in the form of store credit. I haven’t ever received any push back when requesting a refund, and I have returned three orders so far. I have also exchanged for a different size without an issue.

Your first return is free, so I recommend buying more or anything you think you may want during your first order. I never order 1-3 items from Shein, but I keep them in my cart until I have a larger order so when I return it’s not multiple times. After your first return, they will deduct the return shipping cost (I believe it’s $7.99) from your refund.

I remember it taking a little longer for the return to show up on my account, however I rarely make a return through the mail these days so I’m not sure how it compares to other stores.

Shein shopping tips

My number one tip is to look at photos of other people wearing the items. Look at bloggers, Pinterest, and the explore page to see how the items fit and look on someone. This will also help save time because their selection can be very large and overwhelming.

I usually place a larger order at Shein instead of one of two items. Shein will charge the same amount whether you return one item or 10 for the return shipping, so I like to order anything I’ve wanted to minimize the potential returns.

Read the reviews. Most of the time people post pictures and mention the quality and fit.

Do you have any Shein shopping tips to add? Let me know down in the comments.

You can see some of my previously styled Shein outfits here and here

Final thoughts on Shein

I have found a lot of gems, but that definitely didn’t come without some returns. I’d say give Shein a try if:

  • You’re open to shipping back returns for items that don’t work
  • You want cheap but unique items
  • You don’t expect high quality items

Shein Try On Haul:

Here are the latest pieces I picked up from Shein. I also have a try on haul on my IG stories if you want to see even more about each look!

ruffle sleeve top

I wore this top in my bow scarf tutorial on Instagram. It’s still saved on my highlights if you want to see how I tie a bow into my scarves. I’m wearing a medium! The sleeves connect lower to the top like a bat sleeve so I would wear it with higher waist bottoms to cover your sides when you raise them! There is a zipper in the back which I love because I hate getting makeup on my shirts!

TOP (M $16) | SHORTS (wearing 27 size down) | SHOES (size up half size $75 – look for a weekend promo code) | BAG ($35)

white embroidered dress

I recommend wearing a slip or spanks under this dress so your undies don’t show (unless you’re into that sort of thing). This dress is very roomy, flowy, and comfortable to wear. I’m wearing a medium which fit’s me in the shoulders but feels loose everywhere else, but I don’t mind it being easy and breezy! I wore this the other night and had some static issues, so wipe a dryer sheet on it before you wear it.

DRESS: M $22  Also love this version | SHOES: Kate Spade similar here for $ | iPhone case | Popsocket

pleated floral applique dress

This dress isn’t the most flattering but it makes a fun statement! The tie around the waist is definitely needed. I’m wearing a medium but the small would work better for me. I think it would be pretty for a feminine gathering (shower, church, wedding, etc) and is very comfortable on. The slip underneath is short, so be careful when bending over and sitting in this dress.

DRESS: ($) | SHOES: (size up $113)

babydoll dress

This dress has sat in my cart for a very long time and I’m so glad it’s finally mine! I love the babydoll shape because I think the silhouette is cute and so comfortable. This dress isn’t ideal for those of you with a larger chest because the applique across the chest doesn’t stretch. I’m glad I ordered the medium because I don’t think my shoulders would have fit in the small.

DRESS (M $17) | SHOES | WHITE RUG | Mirror and most home decor items from TJ Maxx.

peplum top

I love how comfortable and fun this blue and white peplum top is! The material is very soft and I like how the sides taper up before it gets longer in the back. The arm holes have a stretchy band and I’m glad they aren’t tight.

TOP: wearing a medium ($) | SHORTS (wearing 27 size down) | SHOES (size up half size $75 – look for a weekend promo code)

* * *

I hope if you’re hesitant to shop at Shein or if you haven’t had success there before, I hope my Shein shopping tips help you out!  Don’t forget to head over to my Youtube channel to hear more about Shein and watch my Shein try on haul.

xo Amanda John


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