Pink Corduroy Skirt outfit

After stumbling across a pink corduroy skirt, I fell in love! To my surprise, this skirt has quickly become a staple piece in my closet. I’ve been able to style this skirt several more ways than I originally thought, and I’ve even pulled out some other staple items in my closet to go with it. This skirt can take you from season to season, and I like that it isn’t a typical go-to item.

Creating corduroy skirt outfits has been too much fun for me. This has also challenged me to find more potential in the items that I already own, which is always a win. I have to admit, finding pieces to wear with corduroy has been easier than expected. Sometimes, it only takes adding one updated piece to your closet to rediscover your love for your other pieces again. Today, I’m sharing tips on how to style this stand-out item – let’s jump in!

Pink Corduroy Skirt

Pink Corduroy Skirt

What To Wear With a Corduroy Skirt

To style a bold piece such as a pink corduroy skirt, I prefer to add neutral colors to let the skirt have the moment. A pink corduroy skirt serves as a really good transitional piece for any closet. Because of the brighter color, this skirt could take you from winter to spring, and because of the fabric, this skirt can take you from summer to fall.

Pink Corduroy Skirt for spring

And if a pink corduroy skirt isn’t so much your thing, you could go for deeper colors like a brown corduroy or a green corduroy skirt. Deeper colors like brown or green can allow you to take this item into the fall and winter seasons. For styling a darker colored skirt, you can compliment the darker color with other pieces that were dark as well. For example, I would look at black or other dark colored knee high boots or ankle boots, possibly a darker denim jacket or even a black leather jacket. There are so many ways to style this versatile piece!

In my opinion, there’s not a bad time of the year to style a piece like this skirt, whether it’s a light color or a darker one – and that’s what I love about it.

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White Lace Cami

For this look, I styled the pink corduroy skirt with a white lace cami. This cami has stood the test of time in my closet and has become a staple item due to the number of ways I’ve been able to style it. I would also pair this skirt with a white, beige, or light gray chunky knit sweater when it’s cooler outside. Preferably, the sweater would be more of a cropped style for easy tucking. For spring, I would wear this skirt with a classic white T-shirt, too. Overall, this style of skirt looks best with a top or a sweater that can be tucked in, whether it be front tucked or fully tucked.

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Open Front Cardigan

To cover my arms a bit, I added an open-front cardigan. I like the option of adding a light cardigan to this look because it could easily be removed if you got warm. I like this way that this cardigan is the perfect length for this skirt. It’s not too long, but just about the same length as the skirt. I wouldn’t wear a cardigan that goes longer than the skirt.

In the spring or the fall, I would also style this look with a denim jacket, either a white one or one with a light denim wash. For fall or winter, I would style this skirt with a light-colored leather or suede moto jacket. For styling a darker color corduroy skirt, I would add a black leather jacket.

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Knee High Boots

To transition from season to season, I styled this look with suede knee-high boots. These boots elevate the look without adding too much to take away from the skirt. I would also wear leather knee-high boots, too. If needed, you could also add a pair of tights if it was chilly outside. For winter, I would also consider pairing this skirt with heeled ankle boots.

If you were styling a darker-colored corduroy skirt, you could wear a pair of brown boots or even a shoe with a leopard print. And for spring or summer months, I would style this skirt with white sneakers for comfort or if you plan to be out walking a lot. I would also pair this skirt with tan or light-colored sandals.

For more inspiration on styling boots, see my post on 20 Knee High Boots Outfit Ideas.

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Pink Corduroy Skirt transitional outfit

If anything, I hope this post inspired you to think outside of the box a little bit when it comes to styling, and I hope that I’ve encouraged you to style your own closet in ways you might have not thought about before!

If you’re ever on the fence about branching out by adding a bold piece to your closet such as a pink corduroy skirt, I recommend thinking through the items you already own, and considering how you might style them to help push you off the ledge. And of course, I would say, “Go for it!”

How would you style this pink corduroy skirt? Let me know in the comments below!

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