Beauty enthusiasts – this one is for you! I’m beyond excited to spill the tea on my absolute ride-or-die makeup products from 2023. I’m talking about those holy grail gems that have been my go-to for years – the ones that make me feel like I can conquer the world. And guess what? I’m not only dishing about makeup; I’ve got some secrets to share on how I keep my hair looking on point between wash days as well. I recently spilled all the details in a YouTube video, breaking down each product and showcasing my application techniques. However, I wanted to include everything in this blog post as well. Get ready for a roundup of my favorite beauty companions, sprinkled with tips and tricks that have saved my makeup game more times than I can count! Are you ready for more about my favorite beauty products from 2023? Let’s jump in!

My Favorite Beauty Products From 2023

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First, let’s dive into the not-so-secret secrets of how I revive my hair between wash days. Now, I wouldn’t be able to save my dirty hair without my absolute lifesaver – this Moroccanoil dry shampoo that’s practically my blonde hair’s best friend. It’s like a color-correcting superhero, banishing any brassiness and leaving my hair looking fresh. No grit, no texture drama – just pure hair magic. I generously spritz this gem all over, focusing on the greasiest zones. Pro tip: resist the urge to rub it in with your hands. Personally, I let my favorite hairbrush do the work.

Now, cue my trusty Airwrap – this is where the real hair wizardry happens. Starting at the back, I blend in my dry shampoo, moving along the sides, and then sweeping it forward. For that extra volume, I hit the front roots for some extra volume. And because I’m all about that bounce, I switch to the bigger barrel of my Airwrap, adding that perfect touch of body.

For more about my healthy hair routine for fine hair, see this post!

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Now, as far as my makeup routine goes, I’m all about that natural look, but sometimes I prefer to layer up for a long-lasting, more glam look. And trust me, using layers throughout your makeup routine is worth it for those days when you want your makeup to go the distance! First things first, prepping your skin. I typically use moisturizer, sunscreen, and a touch of my favorite Revision lip balm as my starting point.

Now, onto the magic potion – illuminating tinted eye cream by Colleen Rothschild. A tiny drop goes a looong way. Then, I use Charlotte Tilbury’s flawless filter. Applied with a damp sponge, this gem has been my ride-or-die for years. Cream contour comes next, followed by a touch of Iconic London highlighter – just enough to make my cheekbones pop. Concealer doubles as a highlighter, blended in with a beauty blender, of course.

After the base layer is complete, it’s time for a matte foundation. Applied with love using my beauty blender, it’s matte but not flat – the perfect combo. NARS concealer does wonders, set with this powder for a bright-eyed effect. Tarte’s bronzer adds a sun-kissed touch, and Laura Mercier’s translucent powder works its baking magic.

Now, onto the eyes! The Sephora Collection brow pencil starts the brow game, and maybe I apply a tinted brow serum if I’m feeling extra. This Tarte eyeshadow palette keeps it natural, followed by Tarte fake awake and a smudged MAC pencil on the upper waterline. Makeup by Mario liner takes the stage for that soft, winged look – bonus points for the brush it comes with!

Now that the face is all set, it’s time for mascara with Dior Overcurl – my lash lifesaver. Tarte Amazonian clay blush for a rosy glow, and for lips, NYX liner followed by my fave Dior lipstick in shade 219. Satin finish, non-drying, perfection. Top it off with a Dior gloss to add the plump without the stickiness.

If you’re someone who experiences dry lips like I do, see this post for more about the best hydrating lipsticks!

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And there you have it! Sharing more about my favorite makeup products from 2023 has been an absolute blast. From the game-changers in my hair routine to the secret weapons of my makeup holy grail, it’s like sharing my beauty diary with you. Whether you’re into the full glam experience or just want a touch of everyday magic, these products have your back.

Which of my favorite beauty products do you want to try out? Do you already love any of these products as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!



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