Top / Shorts (on sale) / Shoes (Sienna) / Bag / Sunglasses / Lipstick (girl about town) /

Necklace (Nordstrom Rack Perimeter location but almost identical here


Oh the white T-shirt. You know you have a million in your closet yet I keep buying them because I’ve never found “the one” that isn’t see through and has the structure I want. A while ago I purchased this top in tangerine and I was so sad I didn’t also get it in white when I had the chance. I told myself I should get something different because I have enough white tops… #regrets. Ever since I have been looking for one on Ebay or Poshmark with no luck in my size. Fortunately I recently came across this one very similar AND half the price! I’m still obsessed with these shoes by the way..


I’m back in Savannah for another semester of school. Is it too soon to start a graduation countdown…? We’re doing our pediatric rotations this summer so wish me luck…



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