Who said work wear has to be boring?! I started my blog while in PT school surrounded by khakis and polos and I wanted to show that healthcare professionals can still dress cute! I’m excited to start sharing more work wear with y’all moving forward here on my blog and youtube channel. I originally shared these pants in my Old Navy try on haul and I loved the look so much I wanted to shoot it for the blog!

My go-to work outfit consists of these modern skinny ankle pants with a flowy top that covers my hips and my favorite work flats. I’m not going to lie I can get stuck wearing the same type of work outfit day after day. When I saw these fun gingham pants I thought it was the perfect way to add a little more fun into my work wardrobe. After seeing these photos I re-purchased these pants in a 4 short and the fit is much better! Here are a few gingham pant options:

I can’t link this exact top, but this here are a few other similar options I would wear with a white tank top underneath:

For my dress code I would just switch out these open toed shoes for my favorite pair of work flats. As I was finishing up this post this morning it must have been on my mind because I threw on the black gingham pants and the same top for work this morning! I got caught working on this a little too long and had to rush out the door 🙂

* * *

Thank you for reading and Happy Monday!

xo Amanda John




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