Looking put together doesn’t necessarily refer to how you look or the way you dress. Sometimes, it’s more about how you carry yourself and your overall outlook on life. Many of us have very busy lives juggling careers, parenthood, marriage, friendships, houses etc., and it can be a challenge to look put together on a daily basis. Though it may not be feasible to give yourself a blowout and put a full face of makeup on every single day, here are some tips and tricks on how to look more put together effortlessly.

How to Look More Put Together

If you’re looking for a printable checklist, I have one for you at the bottom on this post! It’s a simple way to remind yourself daily how to look more put together.


dress appropriately for the weather

Check the weather to dress appropriately for the day. If you are dressed for the wrong season or conditions, it gives off the impression that you don’t have it together.

wrinkle free clothing

This is a simple step that makes a big difference on your overall look. Removing the wrinkles from your clothes makes them appear to be more expensive, too! Use a simple handheld steamer for quick jobs or travel, but I purchased this floor steamer a few years ago and it’s been a lifesaver not having to change out the water tank constantly. If you’re in a pinch, you can hang your clothes in the bathroom while you take a hot shower for a natural steam.

dress for confidence

Your outfit will have a huge impact on your mood for the day, and therefore can have a huge impact on your day. When I love my outfit I’m in a better mood, I feel more productive, and I’m more confident – and people can sense that! If you want to build a wardrobe you love, check out my series!


Follow a Morning Routine

A morning routine doesn’t have to be hours long. Even taking 15 minutes in the morning can make a difference between having a chaotic day and a more relaxed day. Depending on what your interests are, there are several things you could do to get your day started on the right foot. For example, you could wake up before anyone else in the house, and drink a cup of coffee in the stillness of the morning. You could use this time to plan out your day and make a to-do list to be productive. Writing the things that are in your head that need to get done onto a piece of paper allows you to visualize your thoughts and generally doesn’t seem as overwhelming when you put them to paper. Write a quick note in a gratitude journal to set your mind up for positive thoughts at the beginning of the day.

Another easy thing to help you get a good start to the day is to always make your bed. It’s an easy step to help you feel like you’ve accomplished something right from the get-go in the morning. Take a few minutes first thing in the morning to let your mind wander. This time can spark creative ideas and make you feel ready to take on the day.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

how to look more put together

This doesn’t mean you need to work out two hours a day, drink a gallon of water and eat only chicken and broccoli. It simply means to be mindful of how you’re caring for your body. In the past, I’ve been very much all or nothing when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, but I always get burned out. Now, I’m focusing on simple lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I recently started exercising again after having our daughter, Josie, and talked about my journey more in this post. I’ve also improved my diet a bit, adding in more vegetables and fruits where I can. I’ve realized it’s all about balance with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tips For Staying Hydrated

Maybe you don’t enjoy drinking water, but I bet you can aim to drink one or two glasses more a day. Dehydration can make you feel and look tired, so getting the proper hydration is essential to your overall health. An easy way to monitor your water intake is to get a large water bottle to track your progress throughout the day. Set a goal to drink a certain amount per day to hit your water goal. Try adding freshly squeezed lemon, mint, or other fruits to jazz up the flavor. If you don’t enjoy fruits and vegetables so much, try making a smoothie to see if you enjoy drinking them instead of eating them. I included my daily smoothie recipe in this post, too. When I drink a smoothie daily, I’ve found that it’s easy for me to include more fruits and vegetables in my diet. Taking care of yourself helps you put your best foot forward.

Simplify Your Skincare and Makeup Routine

Taking care of your skin is one of the easiest ways to feel confident. You don’t have to overcomplicate your skincare and makeup routine to look and feel your best. If you’re at the beginning stages of creating a skincare routine for yourself, I’d suggest starting simple with a cleanser, moisturizer, vitamin C, and sunscreen. I’ve used this cleanser for a while and love that it removes impurities without making my skin feel tight and dry. One of the most important things you can do for your skin to prevent premature aging is to wear a sunscreen every single day, year-round. I love this clean sunscreen and use it for my daughter, too!

Benefits Of A Skincare Routine

Having a great skincare routine not only improves your confidence, but also allows your makeup to shine. When you take care of your skin, you won’t feel like you have to wear so much make up. Personally, I don’t wear a full face of makeup every day unless I have plans. Most days, I wear mascara and keep my lips moisturized to feel more put together.

Whether I’m staying home, running errands, or something in between, I usually pick and choose a few products from my full makeup routine that leaves me feeling put together. First, I start with sunscreen and then apply I apply my holy-grail primer. Next, I brighten my under eyes and cover dark circles with my favorite concealer. This concealer has a magical way of making you look well-rested and overall brighter. Next, I put on a little blush to give my face color and warmth. Finally, I wrap up with a lip color like this lipgloss in the color beige.

Give yourself a manicure

Don’t visit the salon twice a month if you don’t want to, but putting in the effort to keep your hands looking healthy and manicured will go a long way. I prefer to do my own gel manicure at home to save time and money. If polish isn’t your thing, you can simply buff and file your nails and keep them hydrated to look more put together. As soon as your polish starts to chip, remove it!

Have clean, styled hair

Essentially, your goal here is to not rock bedhead every day. Simply brushing out your hair to give yourself a sleek pony if you’re in a rush will do! If you have the time to style it, even better! Here are some of my favorite everyday hair products.

whiten your teeth

If you ask most people what they focus on first when meeting someone, the most common answer is the person’s teeth and smile. The good news is that it’s now so easy and affordable to whiten your teeth at home! Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide with water, and swish around in your mouth after brushing every night for pearly whites. This is the toothpaste I’ve used for years, and it keeps my teeth looking white. If you’re new to this, I promise you’ll get used to the taste after a little time!

Wear Clothes that Fit Properly

Similar to makeup and skincare, proper fitting clothing starts with your undergarments. If I’m lounging around the house, I love to wear this bralette. It’s comfortable but still provides great support and lift. If I’m getting dressed for the day, then I wear these wireless bras. They fit like a dream and look seamless under clothing. If you don’t love thongs, this underwear is comfortable and hides the appearance of lines under your clothing.

Wearing clothes that fit you properly is an easy way for you to feel good about yourself. Be mindful of your body’s shape and play off that. Are you more pear-shaped with a small waist? Maybe a high-waisted pair of jeans are best for your body type. Are you tall? Shop for pants at retailers that sell tall lengths in jeans and pants. Did your weight recently fluctuate? Don’t wait until you can get back into your jeans that don’t fit. Instead, buy a pair that fit your body now, so you can feel confident in your clothes and skin. It’s so nice that retailers are carrying a wide variety of sizes and lengths to fit everybody, so you can feel confident to wear whatever makes you feel beautiful!

Improve your posture

When you carry yourself with good posture, you express confidence and self-respect. It’s easy to slouch over time, especially if you sit as a desk all day! The best way to improve your posture is self-cueing yourself throughout the day. You can set reminders on your phone to remember to sit up tall, bring your shoulders and head back, and relax your shoulders. It’s also a great time to take a few deep breaths to relieve some stress!

If you sit a lot at work, I recommend trying a lumbar pillow for your lower back.

Be Mindful of Your Thoughts


I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase mind over matter, but have you ever stopped to think about what that really means? Our minds are powerful tools that allow us to create how we view different situations. No one has a perfect life. But if you decide to look at every situation with the most positive attitude you can, you’ll feel happier, more in control, and at ease. And best of all, your thoughts are free!

Another easy way to feel more put together is to stand up straighter and smile more. When you mindfully decide to look confident, you will start to think more positively. Complimenting someone else on a daily basis is a great practice to get into to help boost others’ confidence too.

Be mindful of who you associate yourself with! If you hang out with people who constantly talk negatively about other people or things, soon you may start to do the same. Be careful with the words you speak, and surround yourself with positive people who do good.

Improve your organization

Having your life organized and taking the time to plan out your days and weeks will make you feel more in control of your life, and that directly translates to feeling more put together. Another no-no when it comes to looking and feeling put together is being late, so improving your organization will also help with this. Personally, I love to use planners to be intentional with my time.

Accessorize Accordingly

Use accessories to help make you feel put together. Sometimes, all you need is a good pair of sunglasses! Sunglasses can instantly make you look and feel more stylish. If you had to skip hair wash day, try a cute hat. Wearing a hat is a great way to cover up your hair if you didn’t have time to style it. A classic side braid is a great way to elevate your look, too.

If you decide to rock leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, wear some earrings and a stack of bracelets or throw on a chic coat for finishing touches. Simple things like adding accessories to a look create a more put together look with little effort.

What’s your favorite tip to look put together? Let me know in the comments below!

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