Teachers have one of the most important jobs. I’m sure if you’d ask anyone, one, or even a few teachers, have made an impact on their lives in one way or another. One small way to show appreciation for all their efforts is to give them a thoughtful gift around the holidays. Today, I’m sharing gift ideas for teachers.

Recently I polled all the teachers who follow me on IG, asking what are some of the best gifts ideas for teachers. I’m including the most popular responses below.

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Gift Ideas for Teachers

gift ideas for teachers

Teacher gift giving can be tricky. Most of the time, we don’t know a whole lot about them and their interests. To get a A+ on your gift giving, it’s helpful to send in a quick questionnaire to the teacher like this one. It’s a quick and easy way to understand what they like and things to stay away from. That way, you can get them something they can actually use or need.

Cold Weather Accessories

Teachers spend their fair share of time as a teacher outside. Whether it’s on field trips, recess duty or other events during the colder months of the year, cold weather accessories are a must for them. This beanie can be personalized with their first or last initial for an extra special touch. Cold weather accessories can also include cozy socks like these!

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Gift Cards

Though not as personal, gift cards are definitely one of the most popular responses for what to get a teacher for the holidays. Many responded that Target, Amazon and Starbucks are three of the best places to get gift cards from. If you want to get them a tangible gift, you can get them something small and then gift them a gift card along with the item.

Another popular response for gifts cards was a gift card to get a massage. You can include a question on the questionnaire pertaining to self-care, and see if there is a place they like to go to get a massage. A pedicure or manicure would also be a great idea.

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Letter of Appreciation

There’s nothing more meaningful than telling a teacher how much they’ve impacted you or your child. These are things that teachers keep forever and make the biggest impression. You can gift her/him some chocolate to go along with the letter.

Christmas Ornament

The next gift idea for a teacher is a Christmas ornament. There are so many adorable ornaments that you can personalize for your teacher. Ornaments can include things like their name, grade they teach or cute sayings. I rounded up a few options below. Every year, the teacher will be reminded of this school year as they hang the ornament on their tree.

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Personalized Notepads + Pens

If you ask any teacher, they love a good pen and notepad. You can personalize the notepad with their name and cute sayings pertaining to teaching. These pens from Target are adorable, stylish and good writing pens (IYKYK).

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Beauty Items

If your teacher loves beauty items, then the Chanel lipgloss is an old faithful of mine. It’s a lip duo with a base coat and top coat for all-day wear. Another beauty item that everyone loves is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. It repairs dry, cracked lips overnight.

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Cute Lanyards

Most teachers need to wear lanyards throughout the day to keep their school keys and ID on. Why not get them one that’s cute and personalized? From fun, bold colors and pretty beads, these lanyards are anything but boring for a teacher to wear at school.

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That’s the roundup for gift ideas for teachers. I also included a few additional items below!

If you’re a teacher and your favorite gift to get from students isn’t listed, will you please drop it in the comments? Many thanks to all the teachers for all you do, day in and day out for our kiddos. You are appreciated so very much!

Your Teacher Gift Guide

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