Hi! I'm Amanda, and I want to help you build a profitable influencer business

If you daydream about leveraging your social media channels to create the dream life you deserve, you are in the right place! Learn the strategies and mindset it takes to build a profitable influencer business without spending years failing and trying to get back up on your own.



Do you see other people online growing and scaling their influencer business wondering, what are they doing that I'm not? Or maybe you've been at this a while but just aren't seeing the results that you want, AKA money in the bank.



Welcome to The Profitable Influencer

Imagine how GOOD it would feel to build your dream job as an influencer.

You can quit your 9-5 to work on YOUR terms while doing a job you love and would do for FREE.

You know there is something in you that says "you can do this", and that little voice never goes away. I know, because I had it too.

Building this influencer business has given me more freedom than I ever thought possible. It's something that once only existed as a daydream. Now, I get to spend my days doing exactly what I love, and you can too!

Ready to begin your Influencer journey?

Hey Friend, Are You Feeling...

1. Overwhelmed.

You're feeling overwhelmed by all the things to do while trying to balance your job and family life. You know the importance of being consistent and having it all together, but there is so much to learn that it just seems like too much to figure it out on your own?

2. Stuck.

You're creating great content, or maybe you have grown a following, but you aren't sure how to take it to the next level. You know others are making money and growing their business, but HOW??

3. Unsure.

You look at others and think they must have something special that you don't have, or feel like this roadmap is for everyone BUT you. You also question if this industry is too oversaturated and you missed the window?


And I know exactly what you're going through because I've been there.

Meet your mentor

I first began my blog back in 2013. Don't believe me, feel free to take a long scroll on back to see just how much I've evolved and grown as a brand. It's a sight to see, trust me!

It started as a creative outlet, a true hobby if you will. I was in Physical Therapy school and wanted to work the more creative side of my brain. It wasn't until I graduated with 60K of student loan debt and joined the real world that I realized just how much I loved the influencer space and dreamed of doing it full-time.

But I just felt lost in how to make it happen, and I didn't have anyone to ask questions or learn from.

In fact, most people that were successful in this space held the "secrets" of the trade pretty tightly.

What can TPI do for YOU?

Meet Jena

"Since completing TPI, my sales have increased by over 250% since this same time last year. Amanda really teaches you how to be effective and strategic! My other win was effectively planning my time well, so I could create content that will be meaningful and provide value to my audience and my business."

- @Jenafroese

Meet Colleen

"After starting Amanda’s course I realized I was actually losing money because of all the time I was wasting doing the wrong things. I wasn’t taking my blog as seriously as I should and Amanda’s course really taught me how to treat it like a business. Amanda led me to the right path and now I am making more money. I’ve made more in the past 6 months than in the 1.5 years total before I began the course"

- @Colleenccook

Meet Jen

"I have seen my LTK commissions increase and become more consistent, and recently received my biggest 3 figure commission payout to date. I have also secured my two largest, paid brand deals since completing the course at almost $1,000 each. The information and strategies I learned in TPI not only gave me tangible tools I could use in my business, it gave me the confidence to say no to things that don't make sense or aren't profitable."

- @Jen.Taylor.Style

It took years of trial and error and spinning my wheels trying to figure this whole thing out on my own. But once I put the pieces together, I was able to pay off 60K in student loan debt and transitioned to a full-time influencer, making 3 times MORE than my current job. All within ONE YEAR of hard work!

I know the feelings of doubt, the feeling of comparison, and overwhelm, I understand what it's like to see others growing and wondering if you have what it takes.

Well friend, I'm here to tell you that you do! I've been in the exact spot where you are today and I want you to join me on the other side. That's exactly why I created The Profitable Influencer!

Invest in yourself and your business today

Stop spinning your wheels and start making money, honey! Over the next eight weeks, we are going to be diving into the exact blueprint you need in order to be a successful influencer, no matter what your niche or platform is! 

BUY NOW $697



Wondering What's Inside?

There are 7 modules jam-packed with everything you need to know on how to grow, scale and monetize your business. Each week you'll unlock a new module. We do this to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that stops most in their tracks. But don't worry-I'll be there with you every step of the way!



Creating your dream influencer business starts with your mindset. Determining your WHY and pushing through blocks that may be holding you back. I know from experience. It wasn't until I made the mindset shift to really go all in, stop pretending this was a hobby and start acting like this is the business that it is today!


Build a Foundation

We are going to be getting super clear as to what your brand is, who you serve and what the purpose of your business is. In this module we will cover niching down, branding, how to stand out among the crowd, your elevator pitch and who your target audience is and why all of that even matters.


Create Content that Converts

Wondering how to create content that converts, stay organized, plan ahead and make your content work for you? Then this module is just for you! We are talking about all things strategy, batching content to work smarter, not harder, and we'll even dig into using Canva for your business!


Master Social Media

This is going to be a BIG one friends. We are digging into how to grow your social media platform followings, no matter what your niche is! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, TikTok, and Email Marketing are all that we'll cover. Sorry Twitter-you aren't really our thing.


How to Make Money

This is probably going to be the most important module of them all. Because at the end of the end if you aren't making money- you don't have a business. That's exactly why we are digging into the art of selling. How to establish yourself as an authority figure and build like, know, and trust so that you can sell organically and speak directly to your ideal audience!


How to Work with Brands

I'm pulling back the veil on exactly how to build your media kit, find brand contacts, build relationships, pitch brands, and even turn gifted collaborations into paid ones! We are even going to dig into how to set your rates, negotiate, and what contract to have in place to protect yourself and your business. I'm also sharing my secrets on how to be a dream partner so they keep coming back.


Putting It All Together

Now that we've touched on well, all the things. It's time to put it all together. I am going to go over where to focus your time, how to balance your influencer business while working full time, and what money driving tasks you should be doing every day! Plus you are going to unlock access to the complete content hub of resources to continue to support you throughout your influencer journey!

But WAIT, there's MORE

Not only will you be given a roadmap to success, but you'll have a community to support you.



You will join the private TPI community with 100+ other influencers for motivation, support, and encouragement.



Inside the course you'll find templates, worksheets and freebies from pitch templates + from how to pitch a brand to what a contract should include.



Anytime we update TPI or add new resources, you will have access to them completely free inside the course!


the exact pitch templates that I use to land paid brand partnerships (value $1500)


01. Replace your 9-5 income and make more in a month than ever before.

02. Stop spinning your wheels trying to grow and getting nowhere.

03. Create a tribe of loyal followers who engage with your content regularly.

04. Work with your dream brands you didn't think would notice you

05. Kick that imposter syndrome and self-doubt in the booty and feel confident with your Influencer business.

06. Build your dream life doing what you love and making money while you sleep.

"TPI was really targeted to learning specific strategies on how to increase your income, and make the most of your time. In my personal opinion, these are the things that other courses tend to avoid talking about, labeling them as “trade secrets” or something. Amanda isn’t afraid to share the step by step methods to increase your income.


"If you are serious about turning blogging into a job from a hobby or make more money than what you are making now - her class is definitely a good investment and it does pay off!"


"If you have ever taken a training course and felt like the person teaching it was still holding on to the really valuable stuff, you will NOT find that here. Take the leap, do the work, and watch your business grow!"


Ready to join The Profitable Influencer Community?

To sum it all up, here is what you're getting when you enroll today

The Profitable Influencer ($2,000 value)

Access to the Profitable Influencer Community ($1,500)

Pitch Templates to Help You Land Paid Brand Deals ($1,500 value)

Contract Template You Can Use When Working With Brands ($1,500 value)

Total value: $6,500

When you add it all up, that's a $6,500 value


8 Monthly Payments of




Single Payment Of




Once you register you will receive and email with your login details to the online course where the content is waiting for you to dive in!


I recommend starting with the welcome module and mapping out when you will complete each module.


Be sure to join the Facebook community of other Profitable Influencer students and introduce yourself! We can't wait to meet you and cheer you on!

"Without Amanda's strategies, I wouldn't have grown a multiple 6-figure business leveraging brand deals and affiliates. Her expertise is life changing"

- Hayley Johnson


The Hype is Real.

"I had reached out to some of my other favorite bloggers and they told me to 'google it'. Amanda was the only one that actually responded and with value."


"I'm so excited to be mentored by one of my favorites!"


"One of my favs, Amanda from @strawberrychicxo, has launched @thepofiableinfluencer. Already feeling so inspired by what she has shared!"



Hi, I'm Amanda-

Your BFF + Business Coach

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your influencer business to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works. I get it, finding a complete road map that gives you all the tools you need and someone to help you along the way is kinda like finding a magical unicorn in a forest, that would be cool but unlikely. I know it's hard to believe but I only wish that I had the tools that I'm teaching over in The Profitable Influencer. Taking the leap is going to be the hardest part.

I've worked with top fashion brands such as Nordstrom, LOFT, Express, SOMA, Walmart, Cole Haan, and MORE, all with under 50K on Instagram. I'm living proof that you don't have to have the biggest following to be successful in this industry. And inside The Profitable Influencer, I'm showing you how.

You're in the right place.




"Imagine what your life could look like one year from now if you went all in on those big dreams you've been dreaming up"

-Amanda John

Let's address those thoughts in your head...

"The industry is already oversaturated, I'll never make it now"

Stop self-doubting the value YOU bring to the table. There are thousands of successful influencers out there, not just one! There is plenty of room for you to succeed in this industry. Everyone brings something different to the table just simply by being themselves. You don't have to have some special ticket at the door in order to make your influencer business a success!

" I don't have the time or resources to make this successful"

"Wait, what? Being an influencer isn't a real job that makes money"

I felt the exact same way in the beginning and was scared I would waste my time getting no where... but listen, we all have 24 hours in the day. It's how we prioritize our time to make it work. I'll be teaching you how inside TPI!

I don't mean to raise my voice, but man is this SO FAR from the truth. Even in today's COVID world with business closing down, the influencer industry has continued to grow in 2020. Brands will be spending 15 BILLION in influencer marketing by 2022 and need us now, more than ever. I don't know about you but 15 billion seems like there's enough to go around. Don't you want a piece of that pie??

"I see similar accounts growing fast and I think - why not me?"

I'm not going to lie, it's easy to let comparison defeat you in this industry. But I'm going to show you how to overcome this- and be better off in the end.

"Not many bloggers want to help new bloggers but Amanda totally does and I've learned so much from her! She is so engaging- I've DMd her about everything under the sun and she always takes time out of her day to help me out."



We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

The Profitable Influencer is one payment of $697 or 6 payments of $97. Either way, you get full access to all content as soon as you make that first payment!

Is this course for me?

Do you want to become a profitable influencer? Then, YES this course it for you! Whether you are just starting out or have been at this for a while, we are covering A-Z. I promise you're going to learn SO MUCH!

Does it matter if I'm new to the influencer space?

Nope! If you're just getting started then you are in the perfect place so that you can start out knowing exactly what to do and how to do it! But this course doesn't start with the basics as far as how to set up your blog or social media accounts. This course is ideal for students who know they want to put in the work and make it a profitable influencer business.

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you. We think you'll have more fun if you complete your profile and contribute to the forums, but you can also use the platform as a more straightforward app if you'd like. But growing your influencer business takes work to make it work.  

When can I get started?

Right away! All the content is waiting for you to dive in. Think of it this way, your future is just a few clicks away!

Does my location matter?

Nope! The course will be online and you can watch and rewatch the videos as much as you want.  

What can I expect as far as communication + support?

You have access to the private Facebook Community exclusively for current TPI students and alumni. And you will also have access to my team's email so that if you ever have a question you can reach out directly!  

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Here's the thing. We 100% will give you your money back within 20 days if you decide making money doing what you love isn't for you. But if you're not ready to commit to the work right now, then this course may not be right for you right now.

Could you do this on your own- YES.

but I will save you years of stress and failure trying to figure it out on your own.

Ready to join The Profitable Influencer Community?

To sum it all up, here is what you're getting when you enroll today

The Profitable Influencer ($2,000 value)

Access to the Profitable Influencer Community ($1,500)

Pitch Templates to Help You Land Paid Brand Deals ($1,500 value)

Contract Template You Can Use When Working With Brands ($1,500 value)

Total value: $6,500


8 Monthly Payments of


YES, I'm ready to build a profitable influencer business!


Single Payment Of


We're Here for YOU!

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