How To Dress for Hot Weather to Stay Cool and Chic

I just adore summer style; however, I don’t enjoy the hot-humid heat in the South. If you’ve never experienced “swamp butt” and boob sweat, consider yourself lucky. And if you have, I’m sharing 10 summer style hacks to keep you cool this summer.

These summer fashion tips will all help to keep you cooler, however, you don’t have to follow every single one throughout summer. They’re just important to keep in mind if you’re going to be outside and want to dress appropriately for the heat.

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10 summer style hacks to stay chic in the heat

1. Textured Fabrics

It’s important to reach for breathable fabrics during summer. Think linen, seersucker, and cotton. You also want to avoid clingy synthetic fabrics like polyester. Always double-check the lining in your dresses and blazers, because you can often find polyester is used.

2. Loose fitting Garments

Going with a flower fit over something more fitted will allow more circulation of air under your clothing. For example, wearing jean shorts vs. a flowy skirt.

3. Opt for Lighter Colors

Dark colors like black and navy absorb more heat. Stick with light and air colors like white and blush to avoid attracting the sun.

4. Avoid hats unless it’s made of straw

You lose the most heat through your head, so avoid trapping in the heat with hats. Of course, straw hats are an exception during summer because they allow heat to dissipate and also shield you from the sun.

5. Choose the right undergarments

If you like padded bras, switch to something with a lighter lining to avoid boob sweat. Personally, my favorite to wear is an adhesive bra because it’s strap free and comfortable. Also opt for cotton, breathable thongs. This one is my favorite to wear under white dresses.

6. Carrying a smaller bag

Carrying a large, leather tote isn’t the most practical for summer. Switch to a smaller crossbody to keep your arms hands free or carry a chic straw bag to stay cooler.

7. Keep your hair off your neck

Have fun switching up your summer hair styles with braids and chic buns to keep your hair off your neck. If you’re ready for a change, you can also cut off some length to stay cooler! I love adding patterned hair scarfs to level up my looks.

8. Sleeves can actually be your friend

Direct sunlight will make you warmer, so sometimes you’re better off going with a flowy, cotton long sleeve over a sleeveless option. Plus, you’ll get a little extra sun protection.

9. Open toes sandals / slides

Keep your footwear open during summer to avoid trapping in body heat. You can shop my favorite sandals for summer here!

10. Pack a mini fan

This small packable fan is perfect to keep in your purse!

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