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Strawberry Chic blog by Amanda John

 I’m Amanda, the creator behind Strawberry Chic. I’m so happy you clicked here to learn a little about me! I’m a Metro-Atlanta based life and style blogger, orthopedic physical therapist, and newlywed. I started this blog during my first year of PT school at Armstrong State University in Savannah GA. It was the most stressful school year of my life, and I needed a distraction from my constant study grind.

Now, I have the best of both worlds, working in the health field while fulfilling my girly-girl needs. I almost always buy things in a neutral or pastel color palette, there’s always room for a bow, and if it’s soft and comfortable I’ll buy it in 3 colors. When I’m home, there’s a 98% chance I’m laying in my bed on my computer either shopping or watching Youtube. I’m spoiled by my husband, Tim. He is one who gave me the confidence to put myself on the internet and continues to support me today by taking all of my outfit photos. We got married on 10/14/16 (I’m all about even numbers) and if you want to see more about our wedding click here. You can really get to know Tim and I in this video.

A few things you may not know about me:

I’ve been a GA peach my whole life and grew up in Woodstock, GA.

I played competitive softball growing up and 2 years in college before I decided to focus on getting into PT school. In high school, we won state my senior year. My nickname was “Wheels”, a play off my maiden name Wheeless.

Tim is the only person who has seen my car ride singing impersonations.

I have the diet of a 5-year-old – I still order kids chicken fingers at restaurants. Sometimes I have to coach myself through eating veggies and healthy meals – aka I have to swallow it with water 🙈

I can listen to Taylor Swift during a whole 5-hour car ride if my passengers will let me. I also swear by the early 2000’s rap playlist on Spotify. The number of song lyrics I store in my head easily takes up 75% of my brain.

I have the urge to splurge but talk myself out of 85% of the things I want.


My heart flutters when my friends come to me for product and outfit suggestions, so I want this space to feel the exact same way! My motto is #balleronabudget, so most of my purchases are during sales. I will occasionally invest in classic pieces I know I’ll wear as many times as the price tag (I’m looking at you, leopard clutch). My style of blogging is a bit more casual. I only post about things I’m passionate and excited about so you probably won’t see a post here 5 days a week.

This year I started making Youtube content as well, so check out my new channel if you’re over there! I’m definitely still getting used to watching myself on camera. I sorta pretend that no one will see it, haha!

Now to learn a little more about you, because this isn’t a one-way street! Come introduce yourself over on my Instagram, send me a tweet, or drop a comment on my Facebook page.

Have a question? Send me an email at


I don’t EVER want you to feel like I’m pushing sales or just posting something to make a dollar or because I was gifted an item. I’m always honest with a company upfront about gifted items, and if I wouldn’t spend my hard-earned money on the product you better believe I’m not going to go through the trouble of shooting / editing / and lying to you about it.

I use affiliate programs on my site and through my social channels. That means my if you click and purchase through links on my site, I make a small commission from it. But all that means is I get credit for introducing you to a brand and it won’t change your price or purchase by doing so. My site also uses Google Analytics and cookies to make upcoming content more useful to you.

I used to make fitness related content here on my blog as well, so if you come across any of those please note by participating in these workouts or advice it is solely your decision. I have my Doctorate of Physical Therapy with an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Health Science, but I am not here to diagnose your condition or make personal recommendations through the internet. I just liked to share what I was doing in and out of the gym 🙂


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