What to Get Your Man in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Tim and I went through the sale last night and selected his favorites from the NSALE. Until this year there was really no point for me to shop the Mens selection because Tim was a personal trainer and lives in Lululemon. He still does since he works from home, but with his newer job he will travel and need nicer clothes. I may be adding a few of these to my cart for his birthday and Christmas this upcoming season!

One of his favorite brands is BONOBOS because of their fit. When he started his new job we went to their store and we were so impressed with their sizing options and materials. Their dress shirts have a stretch to them so they look really tailored but they’re easy to move in. Another great brand in this sale is Patagonia if your guy needs a new jacket or pullover for Fall. Tims favorite cologne is included in the sale and he’s used it for years.

Here are Tims tops picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale



Looking for more NSALE content? I have the ultimate roundup of the sale categorized here, along with my personal wishlist!


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