I’m repurchasing a few favorites from last years NSALE and tempted to try new things this year! Beauty rarely goes on sale so it’s nice to take advantage during this sale on quality products.

Body Lotion

I purchased this last year and still have a little bit left! It’s very hydrating so I only use it at night before bed. When I wake up the next day my skin still feels soft and hydrated! There’s no intense fragrance, which is why I love it.


I discovered this three years ago in the NSALE and have used it ever since. This year is a much better deal than last year, too! I don’t use fragrance for work due to a small office and working with elderly patients, so I use this instead and it smells great!

Pillow Talk Lip Kit

I’ve used the pillow talk lipstick since January and it’s a great your lips but better shade with a slight rose undertone. I can’t do nudes or pinks well, so this shade is my everyday favorite. I love the formula of these lipsticks, too. Not drying what so ever!

Candle Set

This set sells out every year and would be great to stock up on for the holidays. You can break them up and give them as gifts throughout the year.

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Kit

This set is so beautiful! Not only is the packaging gorgeous, but the shades are great everyday warm toned neutrals. It also comes with a highlighter and blush!


I’ve used this ever since trying it out in the 2015 NSALE.. it keep sticking around because it works really well for me! After 4 weeks of nightly use, I notice my mascara applies really well, then they continue to grow longer throughout the next few weeks. I’m using it now to recover my lashes after extensions and they’re already back to normal.

YSL Lipstick

I picked this up because it’s a great value and would make a super cute gift. I love the packaging, and the lip sets smell sweet like peaches. Both shades are very shear and natural and would be good to apply at work when you don’t have a mirror to look at.

Glo Pro

I’m so tempted to try this out this year. Have you tried it? Do you want to see a review of it here? I’m just scared to try on because my skin can be reactive, haha!

I hope you enjoy some of my beauty picks!

xo Amanda John



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