Jergens / Shampoo / Lipstick / Leggings / Wonder Pencil / Lip Primer

Jergens: This is a must during the winter months because it’s natural enough (color wise) to use. I switch to a deeper self tanner for the warmer months. 

Shampoo: I wanted to give this shampoo a try after I saw it was one of Allure’s Best of Beauty. For starters I love the smell, and I really did notice a difference in my curls. I’m not trying a little kit from Ulta that includes the shampoo, conditioner, and their 5 in 1 styling cream, definitely a fan! Not sure if I’ll purchase the full size or not because of the price, so for now I’m saving the products for weekend hair 😉

Lipstick: This color was my most recent back-2-Mac selection and at first I wasn’t too impressed but it has grown on me. I mean how appealing is the color “syrup”. But it provides a great natural lip color if used lightly, and you can build it for a much deeper color. 

Leggings: I was wanting some fun leggings, but I always talked myself out of purchasing any because I wasn’t too comfortable wearing them. When I saw these however they were exactly what I was looking for. I love the colors, and the panels on the back are just enough to make them fun and different. The first day I wore them I got at least 5 compliments on them. Hurry and check your store before they sell out! 

Wonder Pencil: Another recent purchase that I’ve been loving. I use this to lightly outline my top lip when I wear lip colors, to brighten (makes them look fuller) and also acts as a reverse lip liner. 

Lip Primer: I used to hate wearing lipstick…. until I found this product. It helps fill in lip lines and makes the lipstick go on much smoother. 

Vans Protein waffles: Funny to include but these have been my favorite find of this month. I’ve been eating much healthier, so I look forward to eating one of these every day. I spread a little peanut butter on it to make it even more magical. I never feel guilty eating them. I have seen them at Kroger and Publix, so I’m sure they’re available wherever you shop! 

Thank you for reading. Let me know any of your current must haves!


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