Lip Balm // Lipstick

I’ve been applying this lip balm every night, and my lips have never been happier. It might just be the consistent routine, or it might be the product; however I’m just happy my lips are actually healthy looking on a regular basis! This NARS lipstick in the shade Cruising was such a good find from Sephora, a perfect shade of nude for my skin tone, as well as an awesome consistency to keep the lips moisturized.

Lotion // Fragrance 

I think everyone has tried Jergens Natural Glow at some point in their life, am I right? I definitely have an on and off relationship with it; however lately I’ve been loving it to keep up my self tan in between applications. I’m currently using (and have been for months) the St. Tropez tanner. I picked up a big bottle from Amazon and it’s lasted me forever. As for this Bronze Goddess perfume….. ya’ll seriously need to check it out! It comes out every year in March, and is limited edition. I was going back and forth between this and the Bobbi Brown Beach, but I went with the Estee Lauder because it has more than just a sun tan smell. I’m in love.

Polish // Sunglasses // Conditioner

This Sally Hansen color in Barracuda has been my favorite color for my toes. It’s bright and gives my oh so pale feet some life somehow…and I also love the formula. These heart sunnies of course had to make the list for faves this month, and I’m sure they’ll have a home on the list all summer.

In honor of finishing up my first year of PT school, I decided to finally purchase clip in hair extensions after finding a color I thought would match. I will talk more about this purchase in a future post. 

I’m at the very end of this Aveda Damage Remedy (I’m that person who doesn’t want to use up the last bit of a product I love, even though I can always buy another… is this just me???). Anyway, Tim took matters into his own hands and bought me the HUGE bottle to insure I won’t be running out anytime soon (thanks to his Lifetime Fitness discount I got it for 40% off). 

Leave me a comment letting me know some of your May Faves!

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