Friday Favorites

I’ve been loving LC’s new bob! I wonder how long it will last. Also, how fabulous are her sunglasses?! If y’all know where to get some similar, let me know! 

 Anthropologie knows how to decorate for the holidays! It definitely doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas season to me just yet, but maybe next weekend I’ll be ready for it. 

Boot socks (really these are just calf sleeves) have been my favorite accessory lately. These boots are really tall, but I how they just sneak over the back of them! I bought mine at Fashion Cupcake, but I’ve also seen them at Francescas and on Etsy!

Last week my roomies and I hosted a pajama theme birthday party for a friend. It was AWESOME to be comfy and have an excuse to wear an adult onsie. I got this one from target, and they had a good collection of them if you’re going to a similar party! 

The vest I ordered back in JULY finally arrived this week. I’m sure a look featuring it will be up soon!

I’ve been obsessed with all things Taylor Swift lately (see you next October in Atlanta!), but this look took it to a new level. I love the green and orange hues together, and she is the queen of red lips! I reentry picked up her color from NARS, so if you’re looking for a red I recommend it! It’s matte but doesn’t dry out the lips (I would be the first to say it does)). I have found you can apply it lightly for a more natural look or full on apply it like Taylor does!

This weekend I’ll be at the GA Flag Football State tournament.. yes it really is a thing haha. It should be a very interesting (but fun) weekend with my PT team! I’m mentally preparing for a new level of soreness.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Great favorites, I agree with so many of these especially the boot socks! Have a great weekend!

    Posted 11.21.14 Reply
  2. I love all of your favorites! So glad you got the herringbone vest! I love mine!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    Posted 11.22.14 Reply
  3. helenax1 wrote:

    Great picks, I can't believe time to for Christmas decorations is already here:)

    Posted 11.22.14 Reply
  4. elmundooo wrote:

    Love the pictures and the post <3

    Posted 11.24.14 Reply
  5. great picks! love the pj party idea! so fun1

    Posted 11.24.14 Reply
  6. Maggie wrote:

    Taylor Swift is a magical fairy princess and I love her too!! and I love LC's lob – I just got one and I am loving it!


    Posted 11.25.14 Reply