Birthday Wishlist

I by no means want all of these things, but I thought it would be fun to put together a birthday wish list to share. The best part about having a birthday right after Christmas are all the great after Christmas sales; however it’s hard to ask for things right after the holiday…

1. Every year I look forward to an email gift card from Tory Burch. Be sure to sign up for her emails (although I’m not really sure why I get this). Tim just spoiled me with this handbag I’ve been dying over for 34 weeks now (I looked at when I instagramed it, haha). Here is a very similar handbag on sale! I’ll most likely get a new wrap bracelet because my current gold one is pretty dirty and I’m not sure how to clean the metallic leather.

2. My roommate just got one for Christmas and loves it, and with new years resolutions around the corner this couldn’t hurt to keep me motivated!

3. I’m on the market for a new bath robe. I’m not too picky about where it comes from, but I thought this soft blue color was pretty and matched the color scheme 😉

4. These have been everywhere lately. It is an adorable little way to take some instant films, but I’m not too sold on how expensive the film is. Please share your thoughts about it!

5. This book has gained some popularity on Instagram lately, and after reading I think it would be a cute decor piece.

6. Love this bracelet…. although it’s currently sold out : No worries, I’m on the wait list.

7. I had an unfortunate event with my iPhone last spring and have been using my mom’s ever since (she’s been using an old one but going from 32GB to 8GB just wasn’t an option..haha). So I think it’s time to upgrade for the 64GB and give my mom her phone back.

8. I received a Teavana tumblr for Christmas and tried Chai tea from Starbucks for the first time and I’m hooked. If you haven’t already (cough Tim cough), be sure to sign up with their program to receive points AND a free birthday drink OR 1oz of free Teavana (which is obviously what I’ll be doing). Pictured is this gorgeous tin I received.

9. After receiving the purse I told you about, I realized that I have an embarrassing about of gold accessories to go inside it, aka one of those being a gold iPad mini case. I love this mint color, and adding some gold initials to it wouldn’t be too overboard..

10. Well, I definitely don’t need this BUT it’s a classic. I love two-toned jewelry.

11. After losing some of my favorite stud earrings, I need to move on and find another everyday pair.  Surprisingly I found this pair in my car as I was leaving for my surgery (funny how that happens!). Anywho, I’ve been eyeing these from Tiffany, because it’s a crime to live in GA without a pair.

My birthday is Sunday, but I’ll be celebrating all weekend long 😉 Thanks for reading!




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  1. Cute camera and robe! Great list'


    Posted 12.30.14 Reply
  2. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of pearl studs… you definitely "need" those! 🙂

    Girl Meets Bow

    Posted 12.30.14 Reply