7 RULES You Must Know to Build A Wardrobe You Love

In episode 2 of the How To Build A Wardrobe You Love series, I’m sharing 7 tips you must know in order to build a wardrobe you actually want to wear Watch the video below for more detail and subscribe to my Youtube channel for more videos in this series.

7 Style Rules to Build A Wardrobe you love

These are in no particular order because I think all 7 are important to know when building your wardrobe. It all comes down to understanding what your wardrobe needs and what works well on your body and for your lifestyle. Understanding these 7 tips will help you build a wardrobe you love wearing, and also prevent you from wasting money on items you won’t wear.

know your personal style

Understanding what you feel good in and what you wear most in your wardrobe will help you start to figure out what your personal style is. Once you know your personal style, dressing becomes much easier and you get the most wear out of your wardrobe. Stay tuned for an episode in this series all about how to figure out your personal style.

know your body shape

I didn’t necessarily know my body shape until recently, but I do have a good understanding of what silhouettes will flatter my body shape more than others. Purchasing items that will flatter your shape is important, because if you don’t feel like your best when wearing them, you won’t reach for them in your closet.

know your fit

Similar to knowing what silhouettes work best on your body shape, you also need to know your size at different retailers. You will eventually find that the same size doesn’t fit you across the board, so once you find a few go to brands that fit you well, it good to go-to them for your basics. It may take some trial and error to find your perfect fit, and keep an open mind that you can make easy alterations with a tailor to get it perfect.

understand your lifestyle

In order to know what your wardrobe needs to consist of, break down your typical week to see where you spend the most of your time. That’s how you can figure out where to focus in your wardrobe.

figure out your wardrobe budget

In order to spend purposefully in your wardrobe, dedicate a part of your budget towards it. Whether you want to shop weekly, monthly, seasonally, or yearly is up to you and the budget you set. This will help you feel less guilty when shopping for your wardrobe and also stop you from overspending.

know your color palette

When you have a wardrobe color palette, it makes it easier to mix and match and get the most wear out of your closet. I would recommend picking 3 neutral colors and 2 accent colors to start with.

set wardrobe goals

If you saw episode 1 in this series regarding how to declutter your closet, I mentioned writing down notes as you declutter your closet. This is the perfect time to look over those notes and determine where you need to focus on your wardrobe. For some, they may want a complete overhaul and start fresh, while others may just need to fill in holes in their wardrobe. Having these goals in mind when you’re shopping will help you purchase items for your wardrobe with a purpose.


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