Best Amazon Designer Dupes

Do you love designer dupes? I’m rounding up some of the best Amazon designer dupes so you can get the look for less.

Women’s Microsuede Flat Heel Over The Knee Thigh High Boots (Stuart Weitzman Dupe)

These over the knee boots are a dupe for Stuwart Weitzmann, which will run you over $800. This pair has a stretchy micro suede exterior. I like the added gripping at the top of the boot to keep them from falling down your thighs.

Cognac Suede and Leather Handbag (Chloe inspired)

I also share a little more detail on this bag in my 10 Fall essentials post if you want to see how it looks on the inside and styled. It’s a really comfortable envelope styled crossbody bag. I’ve eyed this gray handbag that is a little larger, I love the gray and gold!

Contrast chain handbag (Chloe inspired)

This bad is actually old from Shein, but I found the same look on Amazon. It’s not the most comfortable handbag to carry, as the imitation leather is pretty heavy, plus the skinny chain can start digging into your shoulder with once you add your necessities. But I do really love the look of it, so I carry it every now and then.

Faux Gucci Belt

This belt is 105 cm and fits on the last notch around my hips. I need to add more holes to secure it around my waist, which I plan to do eventually because I like to cinch my waist with dresses. The leather is firm and has no visible stitching. The buckle is heavier than I expected, and has a brushed gold finish. It doesn’t seem like it will chip or anything, but I’ve only had mine a few months.

Faux Hermes Belt

This belt is also 105 cm and comes in 115cm and 125 cm. The leather is softer and a little thicker than the Gucci belt and has visible stitching around the edges. The buckle is a brushed metal and slightly lighter than the Gucci logo.

Valentino Rockstar Dupes (Valentino Dupe)

I remember when I first got this pair a few years ago I let them air out because they had a strong warehouse / chemical smell that went away after a day or two. These heels are my go-to for dressier occasions, they amp up any look but are neutral and go with everything! At first, I was intimidated by the studs, but they quickly became my favorite pair of heels!

Quilted Chain Hangbag (Chanel inspired)

This handbag caught me by complete surprise, I’m very impressed with the quality! It has a

Mule (Gucci inspired)

I’m not a big fan of these, but they would probably look nicer in a darker color. If you’re looking for something like the Gucci loafers, I love these with subtle fur. They feel like house slippers!

Two Toned Chain Link Bracelet (David Yurman Dupe)

I purchased this bracelet back in August and it’s one I wear often on the weekend, I love mixed metals! This bracelet is large for my wrist, but I just use the second chair to hook it more comfortably. Avoid getting any of these bracelet wet

Imitation Pearl Bracelet (David Yurman Dupe)

This bracelet is a little large for my wrist, but I can adjust it to fit. The pearls give it a little more weight.

Two Toned Crossed Cable Wired Bracelet (David Yurman Dupe)

This bracelet fits my small wrist really well, and it is adjustable. It says the coloring is guaranteed for a year, lol. But I would recommend removing it when showering! and try not to get it wet.

H Bangle (Hermes Dupe)

This bracelet is the closest dupe to the real thing from this haul, it even has the logo inside. I’m not even sure how it’s approved by Amazon, really. It isn’t easy to get off and on (watch the video to see how to!) which is why I’m returning it.

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Which is your favorite designer dupe?

xo Amanda John

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