T3 Whirl Review (+ 3 looks using it!)

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Hope you have a solid lunch break and or big cup of coffee because this is about to be one thorough review on the T3 Whirl and curling iron. Back on Cyber Monday this hair tool was too tempting for me to pass up. I’ve been complaining about my old wand (in the larger size) for over a year now because I would have to balance it on the edge of my counter to keep the bottom of the barrel from touching the counter. Not only was it a fire hazard, but the temperature gauzes were off as well. I’m not sure if it was just my curling wand, or if it was the brand/design.. but it had to go. Here are all the curling irons and wands I own. I used them all except #5 which is a throw back to high school..comment if you used one of those bad boys!
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

The T3 allowed me to get rid of all those tools above, which was always in a tangled wad of cords, so I had room to store everything else I needed in my hair bin (hairspray, dry shampoo.. you know.. the essentials). Picture a cheesy infomercial of the person screaming/crying at the tangled cords, then smiling as she reached in for her T3 curling iron.. that’s seriously me.

This curling wand is perfect for travel. You won’t look like “that girl” pulling out 4 different styling tools, because they all fit in the same pouch and attach to the same thing, so it only counts as one tool 😉  Plus it will save you on weight and room in your luggage, because we all know too well how quickly the 50lb rule catches up with you. I compared all my hair tools, and none of them compared to the lightweight model of the T3.

For travel and storage, they give you a drawstring bag with individual slots inside to protect each barrel. I didn’t want to post a photo of mine because it’s black and my hair strands are stage 5 clingers to anything black #notcute.  The color of the bag is definitely not very important, but if I could change two things it would be the tip design (which I’ll go into later) and the bag being a different color (like metallic rose gold.. heart eyes)

The iron heats up in about 30 seconds, which is equal to the time it takes me to apply dry shampoo, brush my hair out and section it off.  I always unintentionally push the buttons on the barrel when curling my hair, but unlike my other wands the T3 won’t adjust temperature on you. You have to  double click it to change the temp or hold it down to turn it off. I usually have mine on setting 2 or setting 4 on extensions for reference, which seems lower than settings I would use on my old tools. The T3 setting display is very simple (dots 1-5) so I’m not sure what temperature these settings actually are.

I purchased the 1-inch clip barrel recently, and it has been my go-to attachment lately because my hair is in need of a cut and it doesn’t maintain curl as well when it’s in this phase. I think out of all the attachments, the tapered wand and 1-inch clip barrel are the best for hair that doesn’t hold curl well. When you first start using the clip barrels, they may seem tighter than you’re used to. I think that’s what makes the curls look so much smoother and last longer. I prefer to have my hair curled for extra volume (I have baby-fine, long hair) and my hair hasn’t seen any damage from the heat used on it almost daily.  My Conair wand would dry out my ends when I would use it too often.

The tip design is really my only negative for the T3…the good news is they changed the design based on feedback. Both designs have a tip on the end to keep the hot barrel from touching the counter, but the old design is aligned perpendicular to the barrel.. causing your hair to catch when sliding your hair off the end. It’s the most noticeable when using the larger 1.5 inch barrel, because it has to stick out further. If you own the barrels with this tip, you can avoid it by unwinding the end slightly to open up the curl as you take it off. Just be aware of the tip once you purchase to make sure you got a newer version (the new tip is white instead of rose gold).

If this is your first time using a wand, there can be a learning curve, especially if you have layered hair, but you’ll get better with practice! I have layers and the shorter ends will stick out as you continue to wrap the longer layers. Usually, I just let them do their thing and I don’t really notice in the final product, especially if you’re wanting textured waves/curls. Your fingers are close to a hot iron, so wear the glove until you get used to it! I only use the glove occasionally when I want really polished curls throughout the entire strand or if I’m switching the barrels. The glove can also take some practice because you can’t feel the hair in your hand. Once you get the hang of using curling wands, curling your hair is much faster than when using a curling iron in my opinion.

Here are three photos using different T3 barrels, along with a quick instruction to achieve the look! For the first picture on the left, I took bigger sections of hair with the 1-inch clip barrel. Curling the ends will give you a more polished/classic look. You could also use the 1inch wand with the glove to get this look. Just wrap larger sections of hair flat around the barrel. 

For the middle look, I wrapped 1-inch sections of my hair around the 1-inch wand and left out about an inch at the ends. This will give you more of an undone/effortless look, which I really like for the summer time or third day hair (or fourth.. no judgements here). 

The picture on the right is my favorite but takes the most time. To get these bouncy curls, I use the 1.5-inch barrel on my extensions and the 1-inch on my top section. I hold the large curls in my hand for a good 10 seconds to reinforce the curl as it cools. I usually pick up the mess I made while getting ready to let the first iron cool down, then use the heat glove to switch the barrels just to be safe. I use the smaller clip on the top because my hair doesn’t hold the larger barrel, and brush out just the top to blend.

The wand is definitely an investment. I always justify larger purchases by thinking about it like this: if the item was $1 a day, would I use it enough to pay for it? I curl my hair almost everyday, so I knew it was something I wanted to invest in to keep my hair healthy. The good news is Sephora is having 15% off your purchase [use my code VIBNOTE] until Wednesday (4/13) if you want to give it a try!

Let me know if you’re interested in further hair tutorials,


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