Friday Favorites

1. I wasn’t going to do a Friday Favorites because I did’t think I had much to talk about. Wrong. My friend sent me this link and I knew I had to share. If you love emojis (especially the smiling pile of poo, you must read!)

2. I couldn’t get over how cute this dressing room was at Kate Spade, so it counts as a favorite.

3. I finished watching both seasons of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, so what do I watch next? Re-watch Gossip Girl, because once isn’t enough. Do ya’ll have any recommendations? That is if I actually have the time once school starts back up..

4. Someway, somehow, I hit a new level of leopard love this week. Some leopard shoes and this scarf will definitely be making its way to a closet near me, soon. 

5. I’ve been eating Nutella gram crackers and whatever else my little heart desires ever since I got back from Savannah.  In fact, I just ate the Pizza Hut cookie pizza for a second dinner (SMH!). Next week will be a different story, thats for sure. But for now, I’ve enjoyed it 🙂

Tim and I are heading to Savannah this morning to finish up moving into a new apartment and enjoy our last weekend together before another semester starts on Monday. Hope ya’ll have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Stopping by from another blog – and I can't even get over how cute the KS dressing room is!! makes you want to buy something!! Hope you have a great weekend and the move goes smoothly!

    Posted 8.15.14 Reply
  2. Darcy wrote:

    I am obsessed with rewatching Gossip Girl. I have done the whole thing twice and will probably start it again this Winter… I have a problem! I do it with that and the OC haha

    Posted 8.15.14 Reply
  3. I just finished my 2nd round of Desperate Housewives on Netflix and was in the same boat! I just started 'Witches of East End' and I love it! You should try it!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

    Posted 8.15.14 Reply
  4. helenax1 wrote:

    I'm also into animal print recently:) This dressing room is really too cute:)

    Posted 8.15.14 Reply
  5. Amy wrote:

    I'm not usually a big fan of leopard print, but that scarf might just be the exception. I love how it has both leopard print and stripes!

    Coral Native

    Posted 8.17.14 Reply
  6. Jodi H wrote:

    Leopard is certainly a neutral and I love leopard!

    Posted 8.17.14 Reply
  7. AJ wrote:

    I love scandal on netflix! 🙂

    XO AJ

    Posted 8.18.14 Reply
  8. Lovely pics! I'm totally in love with the Valentino heels!

    Posted 8.18.14 Reply

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