Friday Favorites

Favorite Snack: It’s been all about the pineapples this season, but I think watermelons deserve some love too. It’s so refreshing in the summer heat ((and easy on the tummy)) !

Favorite Link: If you’re a Disney girl, this post from Cosmo is for you. It’s workout satire based on different disney movies. Why haven’t you clicked already??

Favorite DIY: I watched this video from the Fab Life girls, and now I have the urge to sharpie everything I own in metallic. There are so many decor projects I want to do and share for my room back in Savannah, better get started!

Favorite Moment:  Yesterday, a patient I had treated 3 weeks ago walked into the ICU to visit all the staff who helped him heal. He gave me a hug with tears in his eyes, thanking me for what we do as physical therapist. I had to hold back the tears, so appreciative that I’m in a field as rewarding as this. There are definitely tough times working in a critical environment (and at this point in school), however days like today make it all worth it. Today is my last day of my 8-week clinical rotation, and I will definitely miss all the people I have met and worked with. Back to Savannah I go come August.  

Have a great weekend, everyone. 


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  1. The watermelon print is so cute!


    Posted 7.11.14 Reply

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